We're very excited to see Daniel and Majella take command of the airwaves and give their address to the nation. After all, they're practically royalty here in Donegal!

At 3pm on Christmas Day, they will deliver a very special message to viewers all over Ireland – the same time as the Queen of England.

We can reveal that a strong theme in their message is all about legends. We can also expect the couple to make a few poignant observations about the biggest stories of the year.

In their speech, the pair will reflect on the year gone by, and remember what is most important, as together we face into the great unknown that is 2017.

2016 will go down in history as a year which saw enormous change. It will also be remembered as a year where we lost so many dear friends in the entertainment industry, and a year of surprising political change close to home, and of course further afield in the USA.

Together, Daniel and Majella reflect on the year that has been, remembering some of our most celebrated lost legends and reminding viewers about what is truly important on this special day; the living legends close to us, who don’t even realise how important they are.

Tune into TV3 at 3pm on Christmas Day to see ‘Daniel and Majella’s Christmas Message.’