Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey has come up with a fabulous DIY vintage red-carpet wave hairstyle for any party night this season.

We’re all truly in the festive swing of things now and in my last vlog, I created a sparkling vintage glam makeup, fabulous for any festive party goer! To add to that beautiful makeup look, I’ve popped together a step-by-step vlog (link to watch below) of how to create this gorgeous Hollywood starlet, vintage red-carpet wave hairstyle! A really easy DIY hairstyle that looks amazing!  Simply check out my step-by-step guidelines and recreate your very own gorgeous glamorous look this Christmas.

What you need:

♥ Hairdryer and Ceramic Brush

♥ Styling Product

♥ Comb/Teasing Brush (Backcombing)

♥ Medium Barrel Curling Tong  – I’m using a Babyliss Tong that has various heat settings.

♥ Pin Curl Pins (grips are also fine but beware, they may leave marks)

♥ Hairspray for setting!

1. Dry your hair using a hairdryer and ceramic brush (doesn’t have to be perfect)

2. Add a little styling product – I prefer a gel based product for pin curls to give extra staying power!

3. Using your comb, and looking straight ahead, separate your hair using the pupil of the eye or arch of your eyebrow as a guideline – the parting for a vintage hairstyle is quite far to the right or left, with a high quiffed fringe in the opposite direction.   Use this simple trick as a good guideline on how far over you part your hair for that authentic look!

4. Using my tongs on a med/high heat, I now neatly roll small sections of my hair into the tong, starting at the top, and working my way towards my neck.

5.  Hold for 10 seconds, then let the curl hang loose.

6. Let it cool for a moment, (so as not to burn your fingers) now wrap the curl around two fingers.

7. Using your pin curl grip, secure the curl against your head.

8. Ensure it’s pinned to your scalp.

9. Repeat this same step the whole way around your head. Small sections, all going in the one direction – from the top of your head, toward your neck!

10. Now set with some hairspray and leave to cool for at least 20mins!

Tip: Do your makeup whilst your curls are setting! If you don’t leave time to set this look, the curls will not last!

11. Once set, simply remove all the pin curl grips.

12.  Now, time to tame your ‘Curly Sue’ image!

13. Taking your teasing brush, start to gently brush your curls downwards.

14. Use your other hand to guide the curls in the one direction in coordination with the brush for full, bouncy curls.

15. That Quiff! Vintage red-carpet hair does not require big volume on top! Focus volume to the sides and back – lightly backcomb and smooth out.  The quiff, however, will require more backcombing to achieve that height!

16. Again, backcomb and smooth to your desired height.

17. Use the pointed end of the teasing brush to re-lift the quiff if you’ve pulled the hair height down too much when smoothing!

18. Once you’re happy with your look, simply set with hairspray!

Tip: The smaller the barrel tong you use, the tighter the curl and vice versa, the larger the barrel, they looser the curl – you can gauge what suits you. For this look, on med/long hair, a medium barrel will achieve this look. Also, if your curls are too tight, simply keep brushing – brushing will loosen the curl but may take a few minutes if the curls are particularly tight – eg if you’ve let them set overnight on damp hair!

And that is how you can simply achieve a red-carpet look, right from home…if you’d prefer to watch me recreate this look simply LIVE, click on my new vlog below and don’t forget to subscribe for weekly DIY bridal beauty, makeup and hair tips —>>>