The reappearance of a character who has passed on to the other side may be creating havoc in EastEnders this Christmas.

The first trailer for the Christmas Day episode was released last night, and the theme of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol suggests we’re going to see some retrospective, dark and haunting scenes. (Video below)

The residents of Albert Square are determined to have a peaceful Christmas this year. But with secrets festering, families fractured and pressure building, will they all get the Christmas they asked Santa for?

Poor Ian is going to be tortured once more by the death of his daughter Lucy when he receives a present supposedly from her. The note reads: “Merry Christmas, From Lucy.”

Image: BBC

Someone with a dark agenda is leaving mysterious presents all over the Square. The advert hints at the return of a character who may be back for revenge. (Spoiler Alert!) It’s Max Branning, who could well be the devious Santa Claus leaving gifts.

Elsewhere, time is running out for Phil Mitchell. Many scenes from the ad suggest he may not see the New Year, as Dot says goodbye to the veteran character and Sharon is in despair.

We can expect the usual big family dinners, fall-outs and surprises, while Lee struggles with the burden of carrying so many secrets. It’s never a dull day in Walford, but Christmas Day is going to be even more dramatic.

The hour-long special airs late on Christmas from 9.30pm on BBC1 and 9.25pm on RTE One.