'Slainte muthaf*ckas!'

Derry Girls was back on C4 last night with more teenage troubles, family fights, and scented candles – and a whole new collection of hilarious one-liners for us to quote.

Episode two of the hit 1990s Derry comedy was a trending topic again last night. The girls were trying their damnedest to get money for a school trip to Paris, while Erin’s family had to deal with a takeaway crisis – and viewers on social media loved commenting on the events.

A new character nearly stole the entire show in just a few minutes – Uncle Colm, played by Tyrone comedian Kevin McAleer – provided the most dull, dry and detailed account of him being held hostage by criminals. Everyone has an Uncle Colm in their family, which is why his scene was so hilariously relatable.

Kevin McAleer. Image: Channel4 Derry Girls

As the weeks go by we are hoping to remember and reuse some of the funniest and original quotes from the series. Here are our favourites from last night. The majority may be from Michelle, but that’s alright since actress Jamie Lee O’Donnell is even fond of quoting herself!

Derry Girls gets the thumbs up for a second series – it’s just that class