Facebook have just launched a Parents Portal to advise parents on all things to do with the social network.

Social media can seem like a big and scary place once children sign up, and many parents are wary about what their children are seeing and doing.

Whether you have a Facebook profile or not, this portal is designed for parents who want to make sure they understand and can talk to their children about online safety.

Parents will be connected with online safety experts around the world, and will have links, tips and tricks to hand to help them help their children as they interact online.

There’s also a Bully Protection Hub for parents, teachers and teenagers to get step-by-step guides for what to do when bullying happens online.


Here are some of the Parenting Tips Facebook has provided:

  • Let your child know that the rules that apply online are the same as the ones that apply offline.
  • Try to be a good role model
  • Engage with your children as soon as they join social media. (Facebook say to consider sending a friend request to your children, whether they accept it or not is another story!)
  • Identify and seize key moments to talk to your children about safe sharing online
  • Trust yourself. Here, Facebook advises parents to monitor online activity in the same way that they would monitor everyday things. 
  • Ask your children to teach you – if you’re not on Facebook, chances are you kids know more about it than you. Asking them for help about safety, privacy and security will show you how much they really know about it.

Sherly Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, said: “Every day, parents come to Facebook to ask for advice in Groups, share pictures of their kids or just stay connected with family in different places. And for many parents, they also have questions about how Facebook works once their kids join. That’s why today we are launching the Parent’s Portal.”