The DW Team tests out five naughty and nice shades from the Urban Decay Vice Collection.

Image: Instagram @urbandecaycosmetics

Image: Instagram @urbandecaycosmetics

Party lips can say a lot about a woman before she even says a word – she might be classic, fun, daring or demure.

Earlier this year, Urban Decay relaunched their entire lipstick range with a new formula, new packaging and some new shades. There are a whopping 100 shades and 6 variations of finishes, from matte to cream to sheer. With so many options, you can say a lot about yourself with your lip colouring.

We tested out five star shades from the collection, and it didn’t take us too long to decide if they are on the naughty or nice list for the party season. Who will lead the squad? We thought it was hard to find a loser here, and we soon discovered our main vice was lustfulness, for we wanted more.

L-R: 714, Big Bang, Firebird, Pandemonium, Backtalk

L-R: 714, Big Bang, Firebird, Pandemonium, Backtalk


This Mega Matte formula is creamy to apply, but reassuringly secure one it’s on. It’s a bright and cool red that does not yellow your teeth. Rest assured on Christmas parties that you don’t need to worry about it transferring or bleeding out. Once it’s on it’s not going anywhere, we promise – we’ve tested it on prosecco glasses.




Firebird Cream

This lipstick looks like a deep purple with tones of pink on the stick, however on the lips, it is a bright pink, that is sure to make your lips pop and stand out. It’s very long lasting with a shiny finish – perfect for your Christmas festive night out.


Big Bang

This lipstick does not have an explosive impact, as the name would suggest. It’s actually a pretty and wearable pink. It’s shimmery, but not childishly so. The metallized effect will catch the light, and you might just catch someone’s attention with this on.


This was the safest option from our squad here, this nude lipstick has a ‘comfort matte’ finish. The buttery formula means it doesn’t dry like a Mega Matte shade and remains moisturising. If you’re planning a dark and dramatic eye then some Backtalk on your lips is a fail safe option.


If your virtue is bravery, then a swipe of this daring purple may be what you want to stand out from the crowd. This was the only shade we weren’t confident enough to wear out of the house, but we can say that the Mega Matte formula is just as party-proof as the red 714. We can image that platinum blond hair and silver clothing would be ideal tones to compliment the colour.

Image: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Image: Urban Decay Cosmetics


Where to buy?

If you’ve found a shade here that you love, or want to browse the 95 other members of the collection, you can find Urban Decay stockists online with Debenhams and Boots.