Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey shares six easy DIY tips for wonderful winter skin.

It’s that time of year again! We’re bulking up, dawning our woollen jumpers and our skin is probably really feeling the pinch of the colder days of late! We can all get dehydrated from time to time at this time of year, especially our skin and YES, this also includes all you lovelies with an oily skin type too!  Just remember, dehydrated skin is a changeable condition, not a skin type.

It’s caused by external factors such as ‘climate’ – i.e. going from cold to hot conditions, having hot showers, and using alcohol-based products, such as facial wipes which stripe the healthy natural oils from our skin leaving it sensitive. So it’s a good idea to try to avoid these during the colder months!

Here are my ‘TOP 6 TIPS’ for optimum glowing skin for these colder winter days!

♥ TOP TIP 1 | Exfoliate

Incorporate exfoliation into your shower routine 2/3 times per week to wash away the additional dead skin cells that accumulate due to external environmental factors of cold weather and warm heated homes. This also stimulates the tiny nutrient filled blood vessels to nourish your skin, encouraging new cell growth and rejuvenation!

♥ TOP TIP 2 | Hydrate

Pop a hydrating mask on for 10 minutes after you exfoliate, 1/2 times per week to ensure your skin has the best playing field to truly absorb all the masks hydrating goodness leaving you with soft, subtle glowing skin!

♥ TOP TIP 3 | Serums

Adding a serum to your routine, especially for us girls of 28+ will add not only a radiance to your skin aesthetically, but encourages collagen stimulation for plumper youthful skin which helps diminish fine lines that become more defined when our skin is dehydrated!

♥ TOP TIP 4 | Eye-cream

The eye area, a very delicate area, mustn’t be forgotten. Treat this area as you would a baby’s skin! Do not apply thicker creams here such as your moisturiser, as this fine area requires a devoted eye-cream. Thicker creams clog the skin under the eye and its drainage system hence puffiness can occur if you’ve rubbed your winter moisturiser on this area.

♥ TOP TIP 5 | Love Your Entire Body

Remember to exfoliate all over – exfoliation gloves are a great quick time saver you can do in the shower and then slather yourself in body butter, not forgetting hands and feet for a softer more subtle you all over!

♥ TOP TIP 6 | The Little Extras

Pop a hand-cream or facial mist onto your work desk and/or side locker to add hydration throughout the day/night! Wear an SPF in your moisturiser, no lower than 30 to combat those pesky UVA/UVB

Wear an SPF in your moisturiser, no lower than 30 to combat those pesky UVA/UVB aging rays from our winter sun.

And lastly, drink more water and eat a healthy diet! Hydrating from the inside out is a must and in combination with a great skincare routine, the Christmas tree won’t be the only thing that’s glowing come the festive celebrations!

Check out my vlog where I showcase a simple test for you can carry out at home to see if you have dehydrated skin.

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