Bridal expert Carina has your checklist of the important things to consider once you’ve said "Yes!"

You’re engaged. Congrats! Your partner finally took the hint and popped the question or like the increasing majority you agreed as two consenting adults that it was time to get hitched. Either way, its real, its happening, it’s all you’ve ever wanted and now…….what?


Most people have imagined getting engaged and dreamt of their wedding but few people have actually dreamt about the bit in between. So here’s your checklist of the important things to consider once you’ve said Yes!

Spread the word!

We live in the age of social media where we tend to document every aspect of our lives online especially the milestone moments.

Surely this is the perfect way to tell everyone your good news? Wrong!

Even in this day and age this is news that needs to be shared on a personal level, starting with your parents and close family members. Telling them in person is ideal and also gives you the opportunity to show off that sparkler but a phone call will suffice. But remember call ALL the family.

Don’t start off on a sour note by offending anyone. Once the family have been informed then it’s perfectly acceptable to update your Facebook status and announce your news to the world!



This may seem obvious but it’s important to celebrate with each other and enjoy being ‘Engaged’. Being Engaged is like floating on the softest cloud between Neverland and Eternity and it’s a really nice place to be! Stay there a while and bask in all the congratulations.

Don’t Rush

It’s really easy to get caught up in the moment and ask friends, family and randoms to be involved in your wedding. You are in a little Love bubble and want everyone around you to be in it too. Be warned, the bubble can burst and you may be left with the reality of having 14 bridesmaids and the Bar man from Voodoo giving you away! Take your time and consider your Wedding Party carefully.


Nod & Smile

Everyone will have an opinion, on everything. Let them give you advice and recommendations while nodding and smiling and making mental notes. Don’t feel you have to take on their advice, it may be well meaning but does it suit the wedding you and your partner want? It’s important that you both discuss what you imagine your wedding to be like and not be dictated to by others.

The B word

Budget. It has to be said and this might be the pin that bursts the love bubble and knocks you off your cloud with a thud. The most important thing about your Wedding is the fact that you will marry your Soul Mate, the person who you want to spend the rest of your days with. Plan your Wedding within your means. Whether you spend €50,000 or €500 the end result is the same – you will be married to the person you love.


There’s lots of ‘To Dos’ after you get engaged but if you cover these main ones as a starter then I will keep you on the right track going forward! If you have a query, dilemma, question or topic you would like me to cover then get in touch through the Facebook page or email

All the Wedding Best

Carina x