H&M might be a little late to the festive advert parade, but they certainly arrived in style.

The clothing brand have released an ad directed by Wes Anderson – the stylistic director behind films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Darjeeling Limited and The Royal Tenenbaums.

This three-minute ad will be a great treat for Wes Anderson fans, which channels his signature symmetrical framing and quirky characters.

The Grand Budapest Hotel comes immediately to mind as the scenes are set onboard the H&M Lines Winter Express train. Adrien Brody, known from The Pianist and Predators, stars as the conductor, who must break the news to his passengers that they won’t be home for Christmas.

The passengers are all dressed in H&M wear, which is a quiet nod to the clothing line. This ad may not be as heart-wrenching as the John Lewis Buster the Boxer campaign, or the inspiring Boots Give the Gift of Beauty features, but it’s so sleek and well-directed that it stands out from the crowd, and it does have a cute little boy to keep the focus on children at Christmas.

What do you think of the Come Together H&M advert? Do you have a special favourite this Christmas? Let us know!