Santa has a particular set of skills for delivering toys on Christmas Eve, but they’re not the type of skills Liam Neeson likes to boast about in the famous Taken trilogy.

The Northern Irish actor donned the red suit and hat to audition for a Santa Claus role, but it’s something that will make your kids have nightmares. No kid will want him to see them when they’re sleeping!

The gruff actor tried him best to get into character, but as much as he tried to be jolly and merry, he’s just plain scary. We know Liam Neeson excels at playing intimidating fathers and ruthless action heroes, but we don’t see any festive films in his future. Love Actually was as heartwarming as he got, and in fairness, he did crack a smile by the end of that one.

This sketch appeared on the US show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Neeson sat down for a chat with the host, and was almost convinced to make a fourth Taken movie. Let’s hope it’s not set at Christmastime.