Gweedore girl Orla is bringing her artsy makeup looks home to Donegal, and knows exactly how we can sparkle this Christmas.

15230600_1240851045973437_6590556486163351647_nOrla Crossan, a Senior Makeup Artist with Inglot Cosmetics, is setting out to make her name in Donegal and Derry.

Orla has worked with Inglot in Galway for more than a year, and will be part of the team bringing the store to Derry next year.

Inglot came to Ireland in 2009, and its colourful presence was quickly noted. The store in Foyleside Shopping Centre Derry will be the 15th store to open in Ireland, bringing it ever closer to Donegal.

Donegal Woman spoke with Orla as she eagerly awaits the launch, which was postponed from November.

“I’m really excited to bring Inglot here. I think it’s going to take off really well,” she said.

Orla had always dreamed of working in Inglot. She studied Beauty Therapy in Gweedore before moving to Dublin to train with the LA College of Creative Arts. Her skills in makeup and special effects brought her work in film and TV sets, but the creativity of Inglot always drew her in.


Orla Crossan Makeup

“I would go into the shop all the time, and I loved how the girls working there did their makeup. When Inglot opened in Galway I went straight in with my CV. I started a week later.”


Orla Crossan Makeup

“A year and a half on, and I still love it. It’s not like going to work every day. It’s such an artistic company to work for and it’s really supportive of me as an artist. I do freelance work as well and I’ll be doing that a lot when I’m home over Christmas.”

“It’s at home where I want to make my name. I’m really excited to get started in the Derry store. There will be masterclasses to show people how to use the makeup, and I can’t wait to hold my own.”

Inglot makeup is all about striking colours and defined lines, which suits Orla’s style perfectly.


Orla Crossan Makeup

Whether it’s working in the store or as a freelancer, she loved to express her creativity. “I like artsy looks. I love using colours and glitter and everything.”

“The most popular looks I get asked for are cut-creases, overdrawn lips and big, fluttery eyelashes. I think people are getting to be more aware with their makeup, often saying to me ‘I want to try something different’ and they might try a different colour or something new.”


Orla Crossan Makeup

For Christmas, Orla suggests we all go for glitter. “Inglot have these amazing sparkle dusts. Put a little on your collarbone and chest. It’s really nice for going out to give you a sparkle.”

“The Star in You collection is perfect for Christmas too. There are lovely pigments like loose eyeshadow. If anyone wants to learn how to use them we will be doing free complimentary lessons. I can’t wait to get started.”