Thoroughly Modern Mammy says if you're worrying about motherhood, you’re doing better than you think you are.

Life is one big learning curve.

Motherhood is the biggest one of all.

Actually, it’s more a “Learning Circle” than a curve really isn’t it? Because a curve has an end point. It finishes, usually with an exam or a piece of paper or a result.

Motherhood…is a circle.
It’s infinite and the learning never ends.


As new Mammies, we feel overwhelmed. How will I know what he needs? How do I know what’s best for her? Which nappies should I use? Which buggy is best? Will childbirth really be that bad? How many times a day should he poo? Is that really normal?

As Mammies of more than one child, we often don’t think quite so much about the things that we were terrified of first time around.

Because we are suddenly “Qualified?”


It’s because we’re a little bit more confident in ourselves as it’s not quite so new. We still don’t have a clue however. Will this Baby sleep as well as the first? Will he look like his sister? Will she feed as well? How will I ever manage to do the grocery shopping with 2 of them? Will I love her as much?

And it doesn’t matter how many children we have, or what age we are when we have them, each one is different and presents his or her own fun and challenges.

Even Mammies of grown ups worry about their mothering. I have that on good authority from a few Grannies. My own Granny (who is the true Queen of the world by the way) is mother to 10, Granny to almost 50 and great-Granny to more than I can count… and she will happily say the words “I don’t know” when I ask for advice. But she always follows these words with “Trust yourself. Mammy knows”.

And she’s right. Because Mammy does indeed know.
Even when we don’t KNOW that we know, we do.

When you waken during the night for no apparent reason, just before your child starts to cry…you know.

When you feel the need to actually ring the Doctor… you know.

When you decide how to feed your baby… you know.

When you decide that someone’s advice isn’t going to suit your family…you know.

When you feel like something just isn’t right… you know.

When you feel like you don’t know ANYTHING and that you’re the worst Mother in the History of the world, know that you’re doing better than you think you are.
You’re not the worst Mum in the world.

The fact that you worry about not doing it all right, means that you already are doing it all right.

It’s a circle. Not a curve. And you’re top of the class already.