A marriage proposal left a Donegal household completely stunned in this latest mannequin challenge video.

Darren Burke from Frosses proposed to his girlfriend Grace Maguire from Ardara on Friday last. It was Grace’s birthday on Monday, so the pair had gathered their family and friends together at the weekend to celebrate her 30th.

The birthday party became a joint celebration as Darren and Grace had also announced their engagement.

“It became a double celebration, and at around half two in the morning one of the guys had the idea to do the mannequin challenge,” Darren told Donegal Woman.

For a full minute, the camera passes over the guests – frozen in some typical (and not-so-typical) party poses. The video ends with Darren on one knee and Grace breaks the silence to say “I can’t believe it!”

“It was a great way to make the announcement to the rest of the world,” Darren said.

The couple hope to make their wedding plans next year. “We haven’t thought about it too much yet. It’s all ahead of us, but we’re just going to take it as it comes.”

Congratulations to Darren and Grace!