The honeymoon period; that time in a relationship when everything is still fresh, new and exciting. After a while, you can become comfortable with our partner (sometimes too comfortable!) and the initial ‘spark’ can wear off.

Feeling overly-comfortable around your partner, the loss of the initial spark and excitement, and getting to know each other inside out are the top three hijackers of newlywed bliss.

Not putting as much effort into looking good for your partner, bickering and a decline in your sex life usually marks the end of the honeymoon period. But how long does this take exactly?

According to research conducted by marketing giants OnePoll, the honeymoon period lasts a total of 13 months and 7 days after getting hitched.

After surveying 2,000 married couples, they found that 3 in 10 blame “sheer laziness” as the biggest romance killer, and that women are more likely to stop making an effort than men!

7 out of 10 couples believe that the elusive spark can be rekindled after the initial burn-out. Listening to each other was voted the best way to put the spark back into the relationship, along with a romantic holiday and more date nights.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as couples remarked that the end of the honeymoon phase marks the point where you know your partner more intimately, not having to look perfect 24/7, and being able to vent to them about your problems.

However, taking each other for granted, feeling less excited to see them, and being more irked by their annoying habits were also noted.

Top Ten Reasons the Honeymoon Ends
1. Become more comfortable with each other
2. Get to know each other better
3. Newlywed excitement wears off
4. Become lazy
5. Start taking each other for granted
6. Stop looking good for each other
7. Distracted by other life events
8. Stop making an effort to surprise our partner
9. Have sex less frequently
10. Let bad habits show

Top Ten Signs the Honeymoon Is Over
1. Don’t worry about looking good for your partner
2. Start bickering
3. Have sex less frequently
4. Become more honest about not wanting to do things your spouse likes
5. Stop kissing each other goodbye in the mornings
6. Breaking wind/burping in front of each other
7. Stop ending phone calls with ‘I love you’
8. You can tell each other when you’re not feeling great
9. Going to bed at different times
10. Excitement of seeing each other wears off