Thoroughly Modern Mammy Maria Rushe shares her secret to parenting

20161120_225423Want to know the Secrets of S-Mum?


The secret is…

There IS NO MAGIC PILL that turns you into a Practically Perfect in Every way Mary of the Poppins.

Most days, I’m so FAR from being a perfect parent that I fear that even my kids have things more together than I do.

Like EVERYTHING, there is no quick fix.

There is no magic spell.
There is no manual.

(Well OK… there are parenting guides and books obviously, but when “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” omitted the line “You’re going to push a watermelon through your ladybits and realise that you’ll have NO idea WHAT you’re doing EVER AGAIN”, it lost credibility in my eyes.)

I am no parenting expert. In fact, I am probably the most perfectly-IMperfect Mammy in the world, and that’s perfectly OK.  Because there is no such thing as the perfect parent.

There is only being the best parent you can be; feeding your kids, loving them, encouraging them…

But as a Mamma Bear to two little girls; Mini-Me (4) and Princess (1), I have learned that there is ONE TRICK to parenting; and that is realising that it’s not weakness to admit that you sometimes feel like you’re messing EVERYTHING up.

(And being able to laugh at yourself helps!)

I don’t have the answers. I don’t have all the information. I don’t have any magic tricks or capsules…
I AM simply a Mammy who struggles in the same way that EVERY other parent struggles.

But apparently I do have a way of putting my own #Mammywins and #Mammyfails into words that makes other Mammies laugh (and sometimes cry) as they realise that we’re all the same as we make 3 different lunches, or allow Paw Patrol on Netflix again, or clean up puke for the 32nd time in an hour! And I’m so excited to join this fantastic new publication.

So have a read at my tales of a Thoroughly Modern Mammy every Sunday, and if you’d like a daily dose of S-Mum Reality, find my Facebook page!