Another Christmas ad that tugs on the heartstrings

Christmas is a time to celebrate, and this year there will be a special focus on celebrating inspiring women thanks to Boots.

The health and beauty store have dedicated their Christmas ad campaign to the women who work on Christmas Day. These ladies sacrifice time with their families and go out to help others and save lives.

Every year, around 175,000 women in Ireland give up their Christmas Days to support their communities. There are paramedics, firefighters, volunteers, nurses and carers across the country who don’t stop for Christmas, and the idea behind the Boots ad was to give a little thanks to them.

A group of women were invited to enjoy a night off duty and a chance to let their hair down. The 45 ladies from the UK and Ireland had their makeup done, their nails manicured and their hair styled for a special party, just for them.

They were given the gift of beauty, and a chance to party with their friends and family for a night free from responsibilities.

Boots have created separate videos to profile some of the individual women who took part in the early Christmas party, and these tributes highlight their great work even more as they are lavished with praise from their loved ones.

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