Donegal’s music scene is welcoming more new and exciting talent as local singer-songwriter Shauna Scanlon steps into the spotlight with her debut single, ‘Homebird’.

The Ballybofey woman has been singing and playing piano from a young age and honed her musical skills over the years, performing with the cover band New Romantics

She has now decided to go solo and release her own original music for the first time. ‘Homebird’, out today, is the first in a number of singles from her upcoming EP.

Shauna Scanlon

The song was inspired by the sudden increase in emigration amongst young people in her hometown, something which is affecting all rural towns across Ireland. It takes the view of someone who is happy at home but feels the pressure of moving away as everyone they know has gone.

“Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener and it’s ok to be a homebird,” she says.

With a unique blend of soul, blues, and funk, Shauna’s music incorporates captivating vocals and seamlessly blended harmonies accompanied by herself on piano. The percussion and finishing touches were added by producer Tommy Conway from Full Tilt Studios.

‘Homebird’ sets the stage for what is sure to be a promising musical journey ahead.

Have a listen below, and follow Shauna on Instagram and Facebook for more.