Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker is a wine creator at heart, but when she’s in Donegal, she admits that she loves a glass of the black stuff.

The Sex and the City star has revealed her fondness for Guinness in The Rusty Mackerel bar in Teelin.

Sarah Jessica and her husband Matthew Broderick have a holiday home in Kilcar and every time they visit, she says she tries to grab a glass of Guinness at one of her locals.

“I can’t have a pint, the tall guy, I’ll never finish it,” SJP said during an Instagram Live chat with SuperValu today.

“Part of me likes the ceremony of it and to see what each person pouring is doing to the top of it. You probably know about The Rusty Mackerel up in Teelin, it’s a beautiful pub it’s pretty famous at this point and they’ve got a gorgeous Guinness, and we’ve got great pubs in town as well.”

Sarah Jessica joined the live chat to talk about her Invivo X, SJP wine collection that is on sale in SuperValu stores across the country.

Invivo X, SJP wine

She uncorked her deep-rooted love of Irish produce that she buys during her holidays in Donegal, from the new potatoes to the butter, and from the Cambridge brown bread to the flavoursome crisps.

Sarah Jessica also revealed that she sources her ideal wine accompaniment, gubbeen cheese, with the help of the SuperValu staff in Donegal Town.

“We love Gubbeen, the first time that I had it was in Ireland and when I go to Supervalu in Donegal Town they will let me know when it’s coming in or they’ll text a friend of mine and say ‘let her know’,” she said.

Irish cooking too has captured her tastebuds, she said, including the soup of Kilcar! Sarah Jessica said her husband Matthew always stirs up a pot of soup when he’s in Donegal.

She said: “Everybody in our parish has been famous for their basic vegetable soup, the one that you puree, it’s a very Irish thing to do, there’s always that in our house it’s a great snack for all of us.”

Sarah Jessica often shares her love for life in her renovated cottage on the Donegal coast. In July, following another special summer holiday in Kilcar, she wrote a poetic post online celebrating rural Donegal’s sights, smells, cuisine, style and shops – including SuperValu.

Sharing photos of Magee of Donegal tweed, the streets of Donegal Town and SuperValu shelves stocked with Invivo X SJP wine, she wrote:

Photos really. They never quite capture it.
And there is always more.
And you should have SEEN it.
Had a bite.
Smelled the turf.
Watched the sea.
Heard him talking.
Cooked the chop.
Buttered the spud. The new spud.
Seen the colors.
Touched the tweed.
Had the tea.
The perfect York cabbage.
So we did.
So it was.
Til next time.

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