Ballybofey artist Veronica Maguire is opening a solo exhibition in the Alley Theatre Strabane this week, featuring an impressive 52 paintings.

‘Captivating Art in Locations and Nature’ is a collection inspired by Veronica’s longings to travel during lockdown.

In these paintings, Veronica communicated her memories of the coast, the fresh sea air, the beautiful rugged landscapes and the countryside during a time when we were all restricted.

Veronica believes that this period brought out all these feelings to most of us at that time, but brought out time for creatively and learning. Veronica’s art produced movement in the seas with the waves crashing against the rocks in a storm, also showing calm and stillness. She created houses on cliff edges which depict emotions of being isolated and lonely.

‘Captivating Art in Locations and Nature’ by Veronica Maguire is showing in the Alley Theatre Strabane from Monday 10th July – Friday 4th August.

Originally from London, Veronica moved to Donegal at a young age and took up hairdressing before branching into art. In the year 2000, she set and her sister Bernie set a New Year resolution to take art classes. They both developed unique skills to create beautiful artworks with their individual flairs.

​Veronica works mainly with oils, alcohol inks and watercolours. She has always been inspired and drawn to the colours of nature, the ever changing light on the landscape, the reflections, the mountains, the colours of the trees and the movement of the sky and sea, the sparkle of the river and lakes. Her work is diverse; contemporary, landscape or abstract. She is always inspired by nature and the incredible scenery of Donegal.

Veronica Maguire

‘Captivating Art in Locations and Nature’ by Veronica Maguire is showing from Monday 10th July – Friday 4th August.

If you would like to meet the artist, come along and meet Veronica on Tuesday 18th July from 11am where Veronica will be available for a chat and a tour around the exhibition.

To find out more, visit Veronica’s new website or follow her Facebook page: