A local couple’s wedding celebrations peaked this week as they climbed Errigal mountain for a breathtaking video.

Owen Mac Suibhne and Lorna Deegan, who got married in Dunlewey last Friday, capped their wedding adventures with an incredible shoot at the summit of Errigal… complete with their wedding attire!

The stunning moment was captured by Dronan Media. Watch here:

Owen and Lorna’s unique idea was inspired by their very first date. Back in September 2017, they hiked Errigal together for the first time, and the fun, albeit mucky, adventure was the beginning of a special relationship.

“It was the best first date we could have had, we had to hold hands to get through the boggy bits, there were no nerves and we laughed the whole way up,” said Lorna.

“It’s always been good memories,” said Owen.

Owen, from Rann na Feirste, and Lorna, from Meath, hadn’t climbed Errigal since then. They longed to scale the heights again as newlyweds.

And so, with the help of Glenties videographer Ronan O’Donnell, they did just that.

The adventurous couple packed their wedding suit and dress into backpacks on Monday to hike the mountain, before changing for the dramatic drone shots at the summit. 

Owen and Lorna’s Wedding. Photo: Dronan Media

Ronan said: “When I met Oweny and Lorna initially before the wedding we spoke about the possibility of getting some shots at the top of Errigal for the wedding video. 

“I love anything outside the box or just a little different and I’ve pictured Errigal in so many different conditions but never with a newly married couple on top. I’m always up for an adventure so I jumped on the opportunity. Errigal is very special to them so they were magic moments to capture.”

The best things in life often require a little bit of risk-taking, and the pair were delighted with the result. You could never tell that Lorna had a pair of hiking boots hidden under her gown!

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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