The Donegal Domestic Violence Services (DDVS) warmly welcomed a donation of Easter Eggs from the Northern Tribe Motorcycle Club. this week.

The eggs are being distributed amongst 100 families that engage with the service each month.

The donation will serve as a reminder that the community does care and support people at the vulnerable stage of their lives.

Speaking to Donegal Daily, Manager of the DDVS Marie Hainsworth explained that Easter can also be a problematic time of the year for families experiencing or recovering from domestic abuse:

“It can heighten focus on the children especially around child access and contact and increase emotional abuse by preventing family gatherings or upsetting plans at the last minute.

“This can have additional complications if alcohol is involved. DDVS is reminding everyone that they are available on their 24hr helpline over this period if you need to talk or have someone listen to your experiences.

“We are also running our support programme straight after Easter to support children who have experienced domestic abuse and maybe struggling to express their experiences or would benefit from this intervention.”

Victims can phone the 24 hour helpline 1800 262 677 or contact Donegal Domestic Violence Service to arrange a visit. An outreach service is also available for victims to meet support workers in a safe place of their choice.

Contact details and further information on Donegal Domestic Violence Service and other local support services are available on: