Donegal artist Mary Crowley, along with well-known artists from all over the West and Northwest, is generously supporting a charity art auction to raise funds for Multiple Myeloma Ireland.

The national charity supports patients and carers living with multiple myeloma blood cancer.

The art auction is being held in Sligo in March by Dave Gavin, Colm and Deirdre Brennan and Peigin Doyle of Multiple Myeloma Support Group Northwest.  

Dunaff-based Mary Crowley has a great love of nature and the countryside, which is reflected in every painting she creates. 

Dunaff-based Mary Crowley with the gentle painting she has donated to the forthcoming art auction in support of Multiple Myeloma Ireland

‘Many high-profile artists are donating their paintings. People are being very generous. We are looking forward to having a great selection of artworks for sale on the day and proceeds will go to Multiple Myeloma Ireland and its work,’ artist Dave Gavin, who is part of the organizing group and himself lives with multiple myeloma, said. 

Multiple myeloma is a cancer found in the bone marrow where plasma cells, which help the body fight infection, are made. In Multiple myeloma the plasma cells become abnormal, multiply uncontrollably and produce a ‘fake’ antibody that has no useful function in fighting illness, damaging the person’s immune system, their bones and other parts of the body. 

The art auction takes place in the Sligo Park Hotel, Sligo, on Sunday 26 March, from 2pm-5pm.

There will be a raffle on the day in support of Sligo Hospital Oncology Unit Trust (SHOUT), which supports cancer patients in the northwest region, and many local craft workers also will be exhibiting and selling their work at craft stands. 

The auction organizing group thanked Mary, and all the artists who have donated artworks, for their generosity and also paid tribute to the great work of medical staff in the Northwest who treat multiple myeloma patients.Artists and artworks who have donated their work are being featured regularly on the auction group’s Facebook and Instagram pages in the build-up to the auction, giving people a chance to see the works that will be on auction. Go to