Eagle-eyed viewers of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! have spotted Boy George using a ‘tapping’ technique to get through his time in the jungle.

If you’ve wondered what the singer was doing, you’re not alone.

The technique, known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, is used widely to help people with stress and anxiety, and it can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Tapping, what is this?

Donegal Town-based EFT Practitioner and Life Coach Sara Anderson has been ‘tapping’ for the past eleven years and promoting its benefits to clients. EFT has helped her through many stressful moments, and in this blog, Sara shares an introduction to the practice and a free video for you to try it yourself.

Tapping Your Way to Calm… a Dance for Life

Sara Anderson

Tapping, what is this? Some of you might have heard about it. Emotional Freedom technique or EFT is another name for it. It involves tapping on meridian points on your face – on your eyes, chin, collar bone, under your arm and top of the head. I confess, it can look a little odd.

Let me add another odd dimension to EFT. A lot of positive motivational speakers says focus on the positive. Don’t give space to the negative. Well in tapping, it is different, we give a space to the negative voice and feelings. We bring them to the consciousness. Take the analogy of cleaning – you go into a room, first you have to see where the dust is, and then you can clean it away.

So, typically in EFT, we tap on these points and we say aloud the negative thoughts, feelings, and any physical sensations in the body, that are activated by the issue bothering you. As we tap, we calm our system down. We regulate our poor system that is stressed, and agitated. At some point, we start to feels calmer. We then tap in how we want things to be. It is like reprogramming. We set the scene on how we want to view the situation, how we want to relate to the world around us, how we want our lives to be. We tap and we create the life that we want. 

Eleven years ago, a friend sent me a Christmas gift– a book on EFT. I have been using EFT ever since. When my toddler son fell into a hot bath. (Yikes), tapping and ranting at the back of my house after a parental meltdown, tapping after a car accident to release the shock in my body, tapping when stressed and anxious. Tapping when I felt down and depressed. Tapping about a relationship. When I was climbing Slieve League and at one point I got frozen with fear, I tapped… I tap when I want something. At times, you might even find me tapping on poems that I love. It is an amazing resource. I now use it in life coaching and it makes such a difference. Tap along with me in this video, to let go of the past and allow yourself to shine. Let me know how it goes for you.

Sara is a lifecoach, offering one to one sessions, and a facilitator of wellbeing courses.

Contact her on: saraanderson.ie, saratappingcoach@gmail.com or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/saraanderson.ie