I visited the new-look Seagrass Wellbeing Centre in Buncrana to check out the new high-tech treatments. Plus, we have a special offer for readers!

The Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana has reopened its Seagrass Wellbeing Centre with some exciting modern additions.

The centre is stepping into a new era of relaxation and recovery with therapies focused on innovation and longer-term results.

The new Infrared Sauna and PEMF Bed, both available to book now, are unique devices adjusted to every guest’s needs. 

The new infrared sauna at the Seagrass Wellbeing Centre
Seagrass Wellbeing Centre

Last week I was curious to try both, and while the warming and relaxing effects are instant, I found that the benefits come later on. There is no physical massage or hands-on therapy, but all you want to do afterwards is check into a room by the sea and snooze the afternoon away. It’s a serene way to settle into a stay at the hotel I think. Unfortunately though, I had to go back to work!

The night after my treatments I was extra tired, I didn’t feel any pain relief right away, but two days later, I felt much less muscle soreness than usual. I really felt like I could move better at the gym too. 

First up was the PEMF, otherwise known as pulse electro-magnetic field therapy. This is a modern therapy that can help reduce chronic pain, stress, improve circulation, promote healing, reduce inflammation among other good effects.

Basically, I’d describe it as a warming mat that you lie on for 30/45 minutes. You keep your robe on. I didn’t feel it working at the time, but there are electromagnetic pulsations going through your body for healing. All you have to do during the session is focus on relaxing or meditating as you wear light therapy goggles. Don’t be surprised if you drift off, like I did! 

It’s recommended that you do a series of PEMF therapy sessions to get the true benefits.

Before I drifted off on the PEMF Bed

After my half hour in the PEMF room, Tory introduced me to the infrared sauna. This sauna is set apart from the rest because it is heated by infrared rays for a deeper effect. It was so comfortable to sit in, even with it being set to around 131F (55C). Guests can choose what they want to gain from the session too, and Tory will adjust it for detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, pain relief, anti-ageing, cardio or customised. I chose pain relief to maximise the muscle tissue benefits I hoped to get from the PEMF bed. Once again, the sauna is about getting comfortable and taking in the light therapy to allow the energy flow to certain chakras.

Infrared Sauna at the Seagrass Wellbeing Centre

The shift to more modern therapies is a good move for the Inishowen Gateway to offer something really special for visitors and guests. Another helpful feature is the online booking page which allows you to see all their availability (https://www.inishowengateway.com/seagrass-wellbeing-centre.html). 

The Seagrass Wellbeing Centre still provides premium Juliette Armand facials, Swedish massage, hot stone massage and traditional manicure/pedicure therapies as well as reflexology. 

The Seagrass ‘Wellbeing Package’ pamper package combines the technology treatments with a hot stone back massage and a stress relieving head & scalp massage for the ultimate relaxation session, or else you can add an infrared sauna session to the ‘Minding Me’ massage and facial package for an extra €15.

“We are delighted to reopen Seagrass Wellbeing Centre for new and returning customers. Our new ethos is to combine technology to aid wellbeing,” says Joleene McDermott, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Inishowen Gateway Hotel.

“Our new focus on technology begins with the introduction of our new PEMF bed and the infrared sauna. We also have more new technologies coming soon.”

See all the special offers and treatments at the new Seagrass Wellbeing Centre here: https://www.inishowengateway.com/seagrass-wellbeing-centre.html. For online bookings see: https://phorest.com/book/salons/seagrasswellbeingcentre#/ For queries call 07493 62188 or email info@inishowengateway.com.


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