Women all over Ireland are being encouraged to take a ‘Dip or Dance’ this World Gynaecology Oncology Day to raise awareness of uterine cancer.

A sea dip is taking place in Mountcharles this Tuesday at 1pm, but wherever you are, you can take part in the campaign to educate yourself and others about Uterine Cancer.

Uterine cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women in Ireland. Symptoms for uterine cancer include abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge and pelvic pain or pressure.  Uterine cancer is often diagnosed early, and the recent 5-year survival rates are 78%.

It’s important to act early on potential signs and symptoms, says the Irish Network for Gynaecological Oncology (INGO).

The INGO has developed the World GO Day ‘Dip or Dance’ campaign to remind women to maintain a healthier weight and stay active to reduce the risk of developing Uterine Cancer.

RTÉ Broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan with ( l to r ) Eibhlin Mulroe, CEO, Cancer Trials Ireland, Juliette Casey, Emer Casey Foundation and a member of the INGO, Dr Sharon O’Toole, Senior Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin, and Coordinator of the World GO Day campaign at INGO and Rachel Morrogh, Director of Advocacy, Irish Cancer Society leads a group swim at Seapoint, Dublin to encourage women to Dip or Dance this World GO Day. PIC: MAXWELLS

Dip on World GO Day – 750 swimming hats, kindly sponsored by the HSE’s National Cancer Control Programme, have been distributed to swimming groups across Ireland encouraging women to get out and get active and to raise awareness of how to reduce the risk of uterine cancer and the importance of acting on potential early signs or symptoms.  RTÉ Broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan started a group swim at Seapoint, Dublin to encourage women to Dip or Dance this World GO Day with 30 swims taking place across Ireland.

Dance on World GO Day – Choreographer Jane Shortall has choreographed a routine to best-selling Boyzone track – I’ll be working my way back to you for all to celebrate World GO Day. Dancers are encouraged to learn the World GO Day Dance routine and share on social media.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXE6_whRTBQ

Risk factors and what to do:

Several factors may increase the chance that you will get uterine cancer, including if you—

  • Are older than 50.
  • Are overweight/obese
  • Take estrogen by itself (without progesterone) for hormone replacement during menopause.
  • Have had trouble getting pregnant or have had fewer than five periods in a year before starting menopause.
  • Take tamoxifen, a drug used to prevent and treat certain types of breast cancer.
  • Have close family members who have had uterine, colon, or ovarian cancer.

If one or more of the above is true for you, it does not mean you will get uterine cancer, but you should be more aware and should speak to your doctor. 

Spread the message using the hashtags #Swim4GODay #Dance4GODay #GOForPrevention #WorldGODay