If you’re looking for a good laugh today, don’t miss Ballybofey teen Niamhy’s latest viral TikTok.

Niamh asked her dad John to help narrate a makeup tutorial, with very surprising results!

John took on the task with gusto, transforming into a GAA commentator to guide viewers through the ‘tap tap tapping’ and the ‘shtuff’.


He Sounds like a Commentator for GAA😭

♬ original sound – Niamhy

John’s hilarious take on Niamh’s ‘Tayto crisp powder’ and ‘mustard’ products show just how little some men know about our makeup routines.

Fans have been quick to praise John’s enthusiasm, with one saying “Get that man commentating the Galway races next year.”

Niamh, delighted with the results, said: “When I asked him first I don’t think he really realized what he was getting himself into. I showed him an example of what he had to do and I said “add your own twist”, and so he did!”

Niamh, aged 17, is one of Ireland’s biggest TikTokkers with an incredible 12 million views on her page.

Her social media fame began when she was just 13. She started off on YouTube, then decided to post Q&As and hauls. When TikTok rose in popularity, Niamh was well-equipped to join the trends and build a huge following from around the world. Over the last three years, she has grown her account to over 90k+ followers alone. Her brand extends to a popular casual clothing range – Niamhy Clothing.

“It’s mental how fast things online can take off, it’s also given me lots of opportunities to meet viewers who watching my content, meet influencers around the world and work with brands,” Niamh said.

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