A brand new shop has opened in Letterkenny to provide busy people with wholesome and healthy food with great taste.

Chef Alana Conaghan celebrated the launch of her new Gloria Seasons store yesterday at Pinehill Industrial Estate Mountain Top. Friends, family and long-time customers joined the party to toast to the continued success of the business. Among the guests were Letterkenny-Milford Mayor Jimmy Kavanagh and his wife Roisin, who were some of Alana’s first customers when her soup company first started in 2015.

The grand opening of Gloria Seasons at Pinehill Industrial Estate, Mountain Top Letterkenny

Alana’s motto is ‘Good Food Made with Love’. The bright new store has just that – pre-made nutritious meals, soups and sides to heat up at home. 

Alana has already been providing good food for the past four years through the Gloria Seasons delivery and catering business. Now, she’s giving Gloria Seasons a permanent home for customers to call in and pick up meals to make life that little bit easier.

The grand opening of the new Gloria Seasons store – Glora Conaghan and Mayor Jimmy Kavanagh do the honours
The dream team – Alana and Paul Conaghan
Alana and her girls celebrate with Alana’s mum Geraldine Gallagher

Alana’s dishes prove that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. She never sacrifices on taste, but chooses herbs, spices and no sugar methods to create wholesome and filling meals.

Alana has been working in hospitality from the age of 13, while her solo venture began over four years ago after the birth of her daughter Gloria.

She said: “The year I was going back to work after maternity I was struggling to make dinners and have them ready for the family in the evening. I asked myself: ‘How many other mammies struggle? I’m supposed to be the chef and I have no time’. 

“That’s why family meals are extra special to me. 

“I started off with families and mostly single people who wanted individual plans, for health and for weight loss. It is an easy solution to eating well. Being a mammy I was also keen to bring healthy options to kids.”

Fresh meals available at Gloria Seasons Mountain Top
Fresh meals available at Gloria Seasons Mountain Top

The recipe is simple, Alana said: “We get the best flavour from natural foods and use herbs and spices, no sugar and low salt, and good quality ingredients to keep the calories low.”

Family is at the heart of Alana’s business. As a mum-of-six, and with another baby on the way, Alana knows the pressure of cooking for a large family. Life may be busy, but her husband Paul has been a major support as the business grows. 

“I know that mammies just want to feed their kids healthy quality food but they don’t have the time,” Alana said.

“With Gloria Seasons meals, customers tell me that they love saving so much time from shopping, cooking and washing up. That’s hours every evening you could be spending time with your kids. It’s actually not that much more expensive than a big shop, the feedback we get from people is they buy in veg and end up dumping half of it because they don’t get around to it.”

Alana Conaghan, Roisin Kavanagh and Mayor Jimmy Kavanagh
John Watson, Helen Friel, Gavin Boal, Alana Conaghan, Kelly Anne and Chloe O’Donnell
Ella and Kelsey look after the guests at the party

Alana doesn’t believe in people going hungry, and thanks to her new store, she’s making sure all her customers will get their fill!

Gloria Seasons Mountain Top opening hours for June 2022 (subject to change in the coming weeks):

Mon:    2pm – 7pm
Tue:    10am – 5pm
Wed:   10am – 5pm
Thur:   10am – 7pm
Fri:      10am – 5pm
Sat:     10am – 3pm

For more updates and specials, follow the Gloria Seasons page at: https://www.facebook.com/gfmadewithlove/

See more photos from the opening below:

Roisin Mulhern, Alana Conaghan and Nicola Harris
Fresh meals available at Gloria Seasons Mountain Top
Fresh meals available at Gloria Seasons Mountain Top
Connor McGuire and Claire Boyle
Loreto Dunnion, Ricky Boal and Alana Conaghan