A county Donegal woman has urged the public to show their support for cancer patient services this Daffodil Day on Friday March 25.

Mum-of-two Rachel Akkoç [49] sought assistance from the Irish Cancer Society during a difficult time following her breast cancer diagnosis.

Rachel, who features in the Irish Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day advert, had been leading a busy life between family and working as an Irish Language Officer at Letterkenny IT when a shock diagnosis of breast cancer changed everything.

Rachel and her son Ziya

“When I was first diagnosed, it triggered an episode of depression and anxiety. I was very fortunate however, as I was pointed in the direction of the Irish Cancer Society’s free counselling service, which I availed of.

“From that, I was also referred to the Daffodil Centre in my local hospital, which I hadn’t actually heard of before. My husband and I went in there and spoke with a lovely nurse who offered us advice and support on the many aspects of a cancer diagnosis, from the financial impact, to how to tell your children about your diagnosis.

“The nurse also referred me on to a course called ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ which works to boost your self-esteem while going through cancer treatment. I found that incredibly helpful.” added Rachel, who is now thankfully doing well.

On top of supporting life-changing cancer research, the Irish Cancer Society provides vital services to patients and their families in Donegal each year, including supporting nearly 197 counselling sessions, over 220 nights of in-home Night Nursing for patients in their final days, and more than 430 Volunteer Driving lifts to get patients safely to and from their hospital appointments in 2021.

As Daffodil Day returns to the streets of Ireland for the first time since 2019 on March 25, the Irish Cancer Society is calling on the public to take part in any way they can to show solidarity and support for anyone affected by cancer. 

Every day cancer takes so much from so many families and Daffodil Day is a chance to come together and take something back, giving hope and raising funds so that one day cancer will take no more.  

People are being asked to take part and take back from cancer in any way they can this Daffodil Day. As well as donating at Cancer.ie and volunteering to help fundraise, they can purchase items from the Daffodil Day online shop and take part in a steps challenge.  

Irish Cancer Society CEO Averil Power said: “We are so excited to be able to get out on the streets again to see the amazing support the people of Ireland show to anyone affected by cancer. Daffodil Day is such a special and hopeful day for our entire community. Throughout the pandemic we’ve been so lucky that people have found innovative ways to support us but we are looking forward to seeing Ireland turn yellow once again on March 25.

“Daffodil Day is our most important fundraising event of the year and the money raised goes directly to funding crucial supports including our Support Line, free counselling, our Night Nurses to provide end of life care, and financial support for families of children affected by cancer. Along with these services, the money raised on Daffodil Day allows us to support life-changing cancer research.”

For more information about Daffodil Day visit www.Cancer.ie/DaffodilDay