Celebrity broadcaster and author Laura Whitmore has given a star boost to the Muff Liquor Company after being announced as its newest investor.

The partnership is a huge cause for celebration for the award winning drinks brand producing potato gin, vodka and whiskey.

Whitmore, who presents Love Island and on BBC Radio 5Live, is renowned for her support and endorsement of Irish businesses and produce. News that she is the face of The Muff Liquor Company is a major coup for the popular premium drinks company which has launched major expansion plans.

Laura Whitmore invests in the Muff Liquor Company

Whitmore made the move into the alcohol business after a chance meeting with the brand’s founder.

The company CEO Laura Bonner first met with Laura Whitmore at a London Irish charity event in London and they both made an immediate connection with each other.

The Muff Liquor Company CEO, Laura Bonner, said: “We are over the moon to have Laura join our company and excited to build a global brand alongside her. Laura Whitmore is great fun, has a really positive energy and is an absolute trailblazer; there is no one else I could think of to better represent our company.

“We just clicked straight away, Laura just loved our produce and our ethos and was interested from the outset to find out more about us and how she could get involved. We are honoured to have her support and will assist us in expanding our client and audience base.

“Laura Whitmore, as well as being an entrepreneur and TV presenter, is a UNICEF ambassador and a strong voice for women and equality, and is involved with numerous charities.”

Laura Bonner – Muff Liquor Company

Laura Bonner added: “Like most other companies the pandemic was a difficult time for us but we survived and kept going. To have Laura Whitmore see the potential even through such challenging times says a lot about us but more about her.

“2022 and beyond will see huge expansion for the brand across Australia, Asia and other European countries, its a very exciting time for Muff!”

Laura is very keen to support women in business and we are delighted she has come on board to support us. Her strong endorsement of our products and our company is phenomenal, we are so excited.

Laura Whitmore loved the look of the start up brand when she saw it and had to taste all three products. She is keen on the vodka and whiskey but the gin is her favourite. Laura said: “It’s best gin I’ve have ever tasted, it is incredibly smooth and refreshing.”

Laura Whitmore added: “As an Irish woman I am always proud to support Irish businesses and particularly Irish business women. I loved the company’s commitment and determination, as well as their positive vision and ambition for the future.

“It’s amazing to see companies like The Muff Liquor Company taking a lead in this highly competitive market. They aren’t afraid to be bold and get their name out there. I love all of their premium drinks products, particularly the Muff Gin, but the biggest selling point for me is the positive energy behind the brand and the fun and professional attitude of the team.

“The cocktails are absolutely delicious and I have had lots of fun making them with the team and getting an insight into the drinks industry from the experts.

“The Muff Liquor Company are real trail blazers with a positive energy and fun and youthful outlook to producing high end quality premium gin, vodka and whisky that is really making its mark across Ireland, the UK and across the world and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.”

The Muff Liquor Company produces premium six times distilled spirits and is committed to ethical business standards which was a huge attraction to Laura Whitmore.

Every time a bottle of Muff is sold online via their website they plant a tree via tree nation. The Muff Liquor company also donates to the charity, St Vincent de Paul, with every bottle sold via the online store.

The Muff Liquor Company was founded four years ago by Laura Bonner and her business partner Manchester based Tom Russell. The company was inspired by Laura’s Grandfather Philip Mc Clenaghan who was a potato farmer and it’s named after the village Muff in Co Donegal, Ireland.

The story of The Muff Liquor Company, based in Inishowen, is steeped in Irish history. In the early part of the 20th century Laura’s grandfather Philip McClenaghan farmed the bountiful soil in the fields around Greencastle, Inishowen and grew one of the finest examples of the potato.

Philip was no ordinary man and he didn’t do just ordinary things with potatoes. He was possessed by what his mother called “a little bit of divilment” and began experimenting with a potion made exclusively of divilment – oh and potatoes.

It was said that Philip spent many an hour concocting and perfecting his creation. Every Friday afternoon a steady stream of locals would pass through the McClenaghan farmhouse to pick up a jar of his finely crafted spirit to help them liven up proceedings at the local dance that evening.

Granda McClenaghan remained part of the fabric of village life up until his later years, by which stage he has passed down his stories and secrets to a new generation.

His granddaughter Laura has continued his storied tradition of making a product born of the land and crafted by hand. Her ambition is to make sure The Muff Liquor Company is a testament to the hardworking values of Philip McClenaghan and his image now rightfully adorns the label of Muff’s bottle.

His secret to a long life? “Plenty of hard work” he said. Although a healthy dash of his finely crafted spirit did no harm either.