A Donegal woman is celebrating her re-election as a township councillor in Canada.

Jennifer Pearson-Millar, a native of St. Johnston, retained her seat with 80% of the vote in her area – District 5 of the Lac-Supérieur Municipality in Quebec.

Ms Pearson-Millar has lived in the popular ski resort for more than 10 years. During that time, she ran a luxury B&B with her husband Craig. The couple retired last month with the sale of their business.

She first entered local politics four years ago after joining the team of Steve Perreault. Mr Perreault was also reelected as Mayor this week, with 85% of the vote.

Ms Pearson-Millar’s community work to date has focused on actions including supporting the natural environment, activities for the elderly, road safety, food, culture and arts. She recently co-authored a new book about the history of her adopted hometown, Lac-Supérieur.

Ms Pearson-Millar has issued a thank you to everyone for their support as she looks forward to another four years in council.