Glenties woman Breezy Kelly is putting the finishing touches to her annual campaign – International Bake Bread For Peace Day.

The popular baker’s event will be held on October 24th 2021. Now in its 8th year, Bake Bread for Peace Day continues to grow each year.

The aim of Bake Bread for Peace Day is to bring people together in a celebration of everything communal and good through one of the most common and basic activities that humanity shares all over the world – baking bread.

First devised by Glenties woman Breezy Kelly in 2014, the initiative has spread further than her close knit community in rural Donegal, beyond the shores of Ireland, and this year, it is hoped that Bake Bread For Peace Day will reach right to the four corners of the world.

Breezy is an author (Bread, Scones, Stories and Songs), storyteller, baker, and peace activist. Since she first started the initiative, her philosophy has always been a simple one, “Peace begins at home!”

Breezy teaching some children how to bake.

“Bake Bread for Peace has since become a global movement made up of individuals who wish to bring peace, harmony, neighbourliness and a sense of community to those around them and to the world they live in. Peace begins at home and in our communities. We can do something on own doorsteps to repair disconnection.”

Breezy insists that any steps, big or small, towards peace are worthwhile.

The mission statement of the International Bake Bread for Peace Day says: “The simple crumbs of an idea, a gesture, have gathered and spread across the world with individuals and communities coming together to promote harmony, inclusion and joy in a tangible way, at a time when there is increasing confusion and conflict in the world.”

Breezy often references the Persian Proverb, “Drops that gather one by one finally become a sea.”

International Bake Bread for Peace Day is now celebrated annually not only in Ireland, but throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Many previous events and stories are on the Bake Bread for Peace Facebook page for all to see.

International Bake Bread For Peace Day is not a fundraiser and it has no motives other than spreading the message of peace in our world. In the words of Breezy, “you can’t buy peace, you have to make it and then share it.” 

Breezy Kelly

“We encourage everyone to consider baking something, anything, on Sunday October 24th 2021, and sharing your efforts, and to spread the message of peace. We just want people to participate in an initiative that will bring them joy and peace. Together we will make a difference”, says Breezy.

To participate, simply bake bread and share your creation with your friends or family, neighbours or strangers. This can be done in person by joining one another for a slice of the freshly baked offering over a cuppa, or you can share your images or videos on social media. How you share your bread and your message of peace is limitless.

You can tell a story, sing a song, tell us about your country, county or culture, your family, aspirations or experiences.

Breezy would appreciate it if you make a little video or take a picture and share it to @bakebreadforpeace on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #bakebreadforpeace. If you don’t use those platforms you can email us ( and she’ll share them for you with your permission.