DONEGAL Action for Cancer Care say they are ‘very concerned’ that Breast Check have informed them that women who are being invited for their Breast Check screening at the Donegal Town mobile unit are cancelling their appointments.

 The unit in Donegal Town will finish screening on the 15th October.

Breast Check have informed DACC that they are receiving an unprecedented amount of cancellations for the Donegal Town mobile because many women state they would prefer to attend in Letterkenny.

This is leaving them with empty screening slots in Donegal Town at short notice. This large rate of non-attendance means they are not able to make best use of the extra resources secured to screen women in Donegal during COVID-19.

Breast Check are issuing extra invites and phoning women as appointment slots become vacant, to try and fill the slots.

DACC are calling on women who are invited for their Breast Check appointment if it is Donegal Town this time please attend Donegal Town even if it is not their preferred location.

A statement said: “It is so important to attend for screening in the unit to which they have been invited. Attending the unit to which you are invited helps all women in Donegal be screened in a more timely manner.

“Securing a second unit in Donegal at this time with the large waiting lists is very important and women should attend the Donegal Town Unit if invited at this time.

“The Breast Check unit will be situated in Donegal town for 35 days, increased from the initial 22-day period. Screening will finish in Donegal Town on 15 October 2021. Please if your invited attend. This is very important

“Breast Check invite 35 women for screening per day. Due to COVID-19 our capacity to screen has been reduced.

“On average 15-20 per cent of screening participants invited to their appointment do not attend their Breast Check invitation.

“Breast Check encourage all women to let them know if they can’t attend their appointment, so they can rearrange their appointment and offer that slot it to another woman in their community. “