"Heaven is a richer place having gained three angels"

Geraldine Mullan has said she is just “heartbroken beyond words” as she marks the first anniversary of her family’s passing.

Geraldine’s beloved husband John as well as son Tomás and daughter Amelia perished in a tragic accident Quigley’s Point on August 20th last year.

Now exactly a year after the tragedy, Geraldine, a nurse at Letterkenny University Hospital, has spoken about her plans to remember and honour her family.

She said “I am heartbroken beyond words, but will try my best to keep going for them like they’d want me to.”

The Mullan Family

In an emotional tribute to her family today, she said: “Now a year on, I sit at my kitchen table by myself and with tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart I would give anything to see my beloved John Tomás and Amelia walk through the door full of smiles, laughter and joy….but that is not possible. I look at our photos and I’m transported back in time where I can see their smiles, I can hear their laughs, I can feel their hugs and kisses, & I can hear their voices.”

Her family, she said, made her the happiest and proudest wife/mother and gave the best hugs and kisses.

“A year has passed since I lost you all, in one sense it only seems like 5 minutes ago yet on another it seems like eternity. Every second of every minute of every hour of everyday since has been a second too long, but I promise you all I will continue to keep going as best I can like you would want me to.”

“Heaven is a richer place having gained three angels in you, God’s garden is reaping the benefits of your magic touch my darling John, the heavenly choir is all the richer because of your beautiful music Tomás & they now have the amazing Tik Tok angel Amelia singing & dancing.”

Geraldine opened the Mullan Hope Centre this summer in memory of her family

This weekend is a time for Geraldine, her family and the Moville community to cherish memories of John, Tomas and Amelia.

To mark their anniversary, to remember and honour them and in conjunction with Redcastle Village Association and their Sunflower Festival, there will be a Family Hope day in the Mullan Hope centre between 12pm-4pm.

Geraldine promised “With 25 stalls, great music and food there’ll be something for everyone, so please come along….entertainment for children, colouring competition, story-telling corner, sunflower painting classes, mini golf, sunflower balloon modelling to name just a few attractions…..and “Hey little Sunflower” & “The Moville Cup Song” original songs for the event will be sung for the first time!!! Not to be missed.”

Other commemorations this weekend include:

First anniversary mass Friday 20th August 7pm can be viewed on www.movilleparish.com on the webcam.

Saturday 21st August 1pm unveiling of the memorial bench at Lafferty’s Lane.

Sunday 22nd August 8pm releasing of the memory notes Chinese lanterns onto the water at Lafferty’s Lane in front of the bench

Geraldine paid tribute to all those who have helped her cope with the unimaginable pain of the past year.

She added “As I’ve learned over the last year, it takes a community to raise a family and the love and support I’ve got from everyone has enabled the Mullan Hope Centre to be established.

“I know my John Tomás and Amelia would be so proud of you all & I know they’ll be smiling down on all the families this Sunday at the Family HOPE day…..See you all there.”