A special fundraiser is underway in honour of a young Letterkenny woman, Bronwyn Coyle.

Bronwyn (known to her friends as B) passed away in 2016 following three years of illness with cancer. She was eighteen years old.

Five years on, her friends want to remember her and celebrate her very short and beautiful life. With her passion for baking, music, fashion and art, Bronwyn always inspired her friends. Her loving spirit lives on among the group today.

Bronwyn loved to bake and was passionate about nutrition

Her friends are walking 100km this month to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Association. The challenge began this week and will lead up to a poignant team walk in Glenveagh on July 11th.

To donate, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bronwyn-coyle

Bronach Gilroy, one of the organisers, explains: “We are walking for the month leading up to our beloved Bronwyn’s fifth anniversary on 8th July 2021. While always on our minds, we wanted to do something to consciously keep our dear B in mind, while spending some time together outside and sharing fond memories of her. Starting on Tuesday the 8th of June, we will be starting a 100km challenge, spending the time remembering Bronwyn, while raising funds for Irish Cancer Society. Cancer research is a cause close to us all, and we hope while remembering Bronwyn we can help the cause.

“Bronwyn was and still is a person we hold close to our hearts. She was a ray of sunshine in all of our lives and we miss her dearly everyday. With her passion for baking, music, fashion and art, Bronwyn has always inspired us. She was never afraid to be herself, and countless things remind us of her daily. Her loving spirit lives on within each and every one of us.

Bronach and Bronwyn

“Anyone and everyone is greatly welcomed to undertake the 100km challenge, as we know Bronwyn had many many friends and admirers. We hope through donations and sponsors we can raise funds for Irish Cancer Society. In addition for people looking to get involved in the fundraiser who may not be able to complete the entire 100km, any amount of walking possible in B’s memory throughout the month is a great achievement and is greatly appreciated.

“On Sunday the 11th of July, the weekend following Bronwyn’s fifth anniversary, we plan to walk together (while socially distanced), remembering B. This walk will take place in Glenveagh National Park, and everyone and anyone is welcome to take part in it. This is not specific to Bronwyn’s closest friends or those taking part in the 100km challenge, this is simply an opportunity for anyone, close friends and extended acquaintances of Bronwyn’s, who would like to walk for the Irish Cancer Society while remembering her and the memories they’ve shared with her.

“Cancer unfortunately has affected everyone either directly, through a family member or a friend, and through this walk we can all do something to raise funds for Irish Cancer Society, while remembering our beloved Bronwyn.”

To support this fundraiser, please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bronwyn-coyle