Almost €6,000 has been raised in support of a young local mother who lost her arm in a car crash last weekend.

Evette Woods survived a serious single-vehicle crash on Saturday 11th April on the road between Raphoe and Lifford.

The 34-year-old mum-of-two, who was traveling alone, was air-lifted to Galway University Hospital for emergency treatment.

Despite the best efforts of surgeons, popular hairdresser Evette lost her right arm from the elbow down.

Now friends have set up a Go Fund Me page in a bid to help Evette cope with life when she gets out of hospital and ultimately to get her a new hand. Visit the fundraiser here:

Friend Jonathan Dunne, who is leading the fundraiser, said Evette will need as much support as possible when she finally gets out of hospital.

He said: “Whilst Evette is in hospital and making a great recovery, with an incredibly positive attitude given the circumstances, there is no doubt her life will change completely.

“Anyone who knows Evette will know she is a wonderful, positive, kind-hearted loving person, who would always do her best to help anyone in life, in any way she could.

“Evette is well known in her local town and community Raphoe and also from her profession as a hairdresser.

“She is a huge animal lover and supports many charities as well as having adopted a few fur babies over the years.

“With the support of her friends and family, including Evette’s fiancé, Victor, and their two children we wanted to help support Evette on her recovery and offer as much support as we can to get her though this difficult time in her life.

“We understand this is a tough time for everyone and whilst a donation is very much appreciated, even a simple share of this fundraiser will really help us support Evette.”

Jonathan explained that while some of the cash being raised will go towards making changes to Evette’s house, the majority of the money will go towards funding a prosthetic hand.

“Evette wishes to say a massive thank you for all the incredible support and messages she has been receiving over the past few days, it is very much appreciated at this unfortunate time.”

In just a few days, the small group of friends have managed to raise almost half of their €10,000 goal for Evette.

If you would like to donate please visit here.