A Donegal toy company is about to make a difference for children everywhere with the launch of their first doll with Down syndrome.

The ‘Rosie Boo’ doll launches this Sunday, in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day 2021.

Rosie Boo Lottie Doll

Lottie Dolls, which is headquartered in Letterkenny, is well-known for making realistic dolls based on the average proportions of nine-year-old girls. They develop dolls with diverse skin colours, body sizes, and abilities, to promote positive self-image, and instill values of kindness and inclusivity.

Rosie Boo is another step in this direction of normalising differences. The new doll is inspired by Rosie Barnett from Wiltshire in England.

Last summer, whilst in lockdown dad Jason and Mum Hannah surprised Rosie and her siblings by building them a full-sized version of the Lottie Doll Treehouse in their back garden which made the news internationally.

Inspired by Rosie’s thread on twitter, Lottie Dolls co-founder and Ballybofey man Ian Harkin offered to make a doll for Rosie which is now available for pre-order on their website: https://eu.lottie.com/products/rosie-boo

The new doll is inspired by Rosie Barnett (Rosie Boo) from Wiltshire in England.

“It’s incredibly powerful for kids to be able to see a doll in their likeness but equally it’s important that all kids have a diverse toy box,” Harkin said.

A $1 donation from each sale on eu.lottie.com will be paid to Rosie’s Local charity Andover 21. Andover Twenty1 provides support to children with Down’s Syndrome, and their families, from birth and through school.

Visit https://eu.lottie.com/products/rosie-boo to shop the Rosie Boo doll and the entire collection.