The team at The Church on the Rockhill House Estate have been inspired to celebrate Mother’s Day in a nostalgic way this year – with cake!

Scroll down for a delicious recipe to recreate a homemade version of The Church Chefs’ rhubarb and orange drizzle cake for Mother’s Day.

Rhubarb and Orange Drizzle Cake

There is something about rhubarb that brings memories flooding back for many.

And for the most part they are hob-warmed and laughter-filled memories of being in the kitchen as our mums, grannies, grand-aunts and neighbours made jam, pies, cakes or crumbles.

For a plant whose poisonous qualities fill the minds of gardeners, it fills the kitchen only with warmth, flavour and love.

The Church Rockhill Recipe: Rhubarb and orange drizzle cake with a compote of ginger spiced orange and rhubarb and freshly made vanilla ice cream

Top Tips from The Church talented chefs:

  • Rhubarb is surprising flexible:
  • Chop it up with natural yoghurt, cereal or muesli for breakfast.
  • Make a cake, crumble or cobbler.
  • It’s a great accompaniment to duck too, especially when you bring in some oriental flavours like ginger, five spice and a hint of chilli.
  • It also makes a rather superb gin and is great fermented.

What you’ll need:

For the cake:

280g unsalted, soft butter

1 tblsp orange zest (finely grated)

225g castor sugar

4 large eggs, preferably free range and lightly beaten

225g self raising flour mixed with 120g fine semolina

90ml buttermilk

200gm thin local Rhubarb stems – peeled and cut into 4cm strip pieces

Demerara Sugar

Icing sugar to dust

For the drizzle syrup:

200gm local Rhubarb stems – peeled and roughly chopped

200gm castor sugar

250ml freshly squeezed orange juice

100ml water

2 pieces of stem ginger in syrup very finely chopped


For the cake:

Line a loose bottomed 20cm cake tin.

Beat the sugar, butter and orange zest until light and fluffy

Slowly add the beaten eggs, alternating with the flour and semolina to prevent the mix splitting.

Add the buttermilk and pour the mix into the tin, level with a wooden spoon and sprinkle over a little demerara sugar.

Bake at 175ºC (gas mark 4) for 45 mins testing the centre with a skewer to ensure it is cooked.

Leave to cool for 5 minutes before removing from the tin.

Place the cake on a cooling rack, prick the top with a fork several times and drizzle with the rhubarb, orange and ginger syrup.

Sieve over some icing sugar and serve with the remaining syrup, clotted or whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

For the drizzle syrup:

Simply simmer all the ingredients over a low heat until the rhubarb is soft and the syrup has started to thicken and become sticky.

Thanks to The Church Restaurant for sharing this recipe. For more recipes and stories, visit their blog:

The Church at Home is offering an extra special takeaway menu all day on Mother’s Day 2021 (2 courses €19.95, 3 courses €24.95 and add a bottle of red wine, white wine or Prosecco for just €12). Order at: