Donegal model and nurse Grainne Gallanagh has set herself a wheely fun challenge to raise money for the Donegal Women’s Centre.

The Buncrana woman is about to attempt a mile in rollerblades on International Women’s Day.

Grainne, aged 26, is a novice skater who has been entertaining her Instagram fans to no end with her attempts to get to grips with the sport.

Grainne Gallanagh has been learning to rollerblade during lockdown

She has the dance skills from Dancing With The Stars 2020, but admits that rollerblading is not easy.

Even the best fall down sometimes, and despite her falls and stumbles, she is determined to do some good with her newfound talent.

This Monday, Grainne is calling on her fans to support the Donegal Women’s Centre (and to pray for her) as she hits the road.

“I can now go a full 10 seconds without falling,” she joked. 

Speaking to, Grainne said: “I used the women’s centre when I was a student in LYIT and I just think it’s such a fantastic facility. There are so many supports for women and it’s important that women know that there’s help available to them. I also think it’s important to help support local charities.”

The Donegal Women’s Centre continue to provide vital services to women living in the county during Covid-19. Women who are experiencing domestic violence can reach out to the centre for support.

The centre also provides counselling, a free listening service (0749124985), sexual health clinic (postponed due to Covid-19), smear clinic (now resumed) and more.

Grainne will be ramping up her skating practice this weekend in preparation for her challenge. If you would like to support her please visit:

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