New mums in Donegal and around the world have taken this survey to express an interest in online classes.

Spraoi agus Spórt in Carndonagh has launched a new online survey aimed at capturing the needs of mums who have had a baby during lockdown.

The survey aims to find out if mothers would like the opportunity to connect with other new mums or who are possibly feeling anxious, socially isolated or unaware of how to get help.

Click here to take part: Have you had a baby during the last 18 months?

The survey asks mums who have had a baby in the past 18 months if they would like to join new online classes and workshops that will be provided by Spraoi agus Spórt in the coming weeks – classes include breastfeeding support, baby yoga & massage, tips to deal with anxiety or stress, and First Aid for babies & toddlers.

Some new classes are already underway, click here to see the timetable:

The successful launch of the new ‘Mums in Lockdown’ survey has garnered hundreds of responses in only a few days – including from new mums in other parts of Ireland, the UK, Canada and the US.

Manager of Spraoi agus Spórt Eimear McLaughlin said: “The spread of Covid-19 and subsequent national lockdowns throughout the world has been a disruptive and challenging time for new mums who are having to navigate pregnancy, birth and the first months of their babies’ lives under such extraordinary circumstances. 

“Whilst some will have undoubtedly thrived during lockdown, many new mums who would normally have ‘face-to-face’ supports in terms of pre- and post-natal care are now feeling socially isolated or anxious at such an important time in their lives and in the lives of their babies.

“Importantly, the essence of Spraoi agus Spórt from when we first started out on our exciting journey as a dedicated home for the Carndonagh parent & toddler group 10 years ago has always been about supporting young families and in particular new mums. We are therefore looking at different ways of continuing to provide such supports through tailored online classes that can better help new mums during these unprecedented times.

“We are delighted to receive so many responses from new mums (from as far away as New York and Toronto) who have indicated an interest in joining our online classes and workshops.

“I would therefore encourage as many new mums as possible – locally, nationally or internationally – to take a few minutes out to complete our survey and to get involved. 

“By joining our online classes I have no doubt that new mums will be better equipped with the tools to look after themselves during these challenging times as well as having the knowledge, confidence and ability to give their babies the best start in life!”

To complete the ‘Mums in Lockdown’ survey or find out more about the new online classes visit Spraoi agus Spórt’s Facebook page or website

Alternatively, new mums can also contact Spraoi agus Spórt on 07493 73303 or email