People worldwide are being asked to show love and kindness to each other today in honour of the late Danielle Mc Laughlin.

Touching tributes are being paid to the late Buncrana woman on what would have been her 32nd Birthday.

Danielle’s life was cut tragically short at the age of 28. The young adventurer was murdered while backpacking in Goa, India. She had been hoping to train as a yoga teacher as part of her world travels.

Danielle’s bright and colourful memory lives on in her wide circle of close friends and family, who are calling on people to mark her birthday in a positive way.

The late Danielle McLaughlin

A tribute on the Truth For Danielle Mc Laughlin Facebook page today remembers Danielle’s best qualities, her vibrant life and the loving legacy she has left behind:

32 years ago tomorrow Danielle was born into this world and she made sure her voice was heard every single day of her 28 years on this earth and even now we are trying our hardest to make sure her voice will continue being heard.

“In those 28 years she traveled all around the world, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she met. Danielle lived her life, in just 28 years she helped build schools in Nepal, worked in Mother Theresa’s orphanage in Calcutta, teased sharks while out at sea in Australia, harvested pearls, taught herself the language of each country she visited from countries like Cambodia, Thailand to Denmark to the local language in Indian states. The sights she has seen most of us will never see, the lives she has touched will ensure her legacy.

Danielle was more than a sister, daughter and best friend.. she was the person to brighten your day, the person we went to with problems, a protector, a voice when needed or just a helping hand. She meant the world to us and we will never give up fighting for her.

“When I think of the life Danielle led it makes me so happy and proud. She lived a life that inspires us to do better, be more. She lived such an incredible life that we are glad she never took for granted. She made the most of her short life and filled her years with happiness, a carefree life and just seeing the world in a way most of us could never dream of seeing.”

The late Danielle Mc Laughlin

Danielle’s family are today asking people to think of her and spread kindness in her memory:

“During these uncertain times we are facing remember to be kind and tomorrow on Danielle’s birthday we would love if you could remember Danielle and be kind to strangers, even saying hello to a stranger or checking in on a loved one can mean the world to someone.

“You never know what someone is going through, especially during these strange times. I know Danielle would be making people smile if she was here so please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow.”

Danielle’s family are continuously fundraising and campaigning to secure justice for the late Buncrana woman. Visit the Truth for Danielle Mc Laughlin fund at