Geraldine Mullan’s life changed forever on the evening of August 20th last.

Herself and her husband John, 49, and two children Tomás (14) and Amelia (6) were returning from a lovely evening out when their car plunged into the waters of Lough Foyle at Quigley’s Point.

The entire nation shared Geraldine’s heartache in the following days when she was forced to say a final goodbye to her entire family.

The Mullan Family

In touch touching tribute in today’s Sunday Independent, she shares her feelings of loss and heartbreak, and also thanks the people of Moville, Donegal and further afield who have helped her try to cope and come to terms with her unimaginable grief.

My husband John was a fan of Bruce Springsteen. In normal circumstances, he would be currently enjoying Bruce’s latest album ‘Letter to You’ and taking particular interest in the songs, especially the one entitled ‘House of a Thousand Guitars’ (given John’s love of that instrument).

But these are not normal days and instead, it is me appraising the new offering from The Boss and taking poignant note of some of the other lyrical melodies on the album, particularly those entitled ‘One Minute You’re Here’ and ‘I’ll See You in My Dreams’. These two songs, in particular, speak to my situation and have become musical reminders of my beloved departed, my husband John and our children Tomás and Amelia, who were cruelly taken from this world in late August of this year.

Since the tragedy unfolded, I have been surrounded by many wonderful people and wrapped up in their familial and communal embraces, all united in offering me solace, comfort, assistance and no end of love, understanding and compassion. I stand each day and get through it, in no small part, due to the continuous support you provide to me.

Such is the outpouring and swell of sympathy and empathy alike, and many are the calls, messages, cards, letters, flowers, gifts, acts of service and human kindness which have reached my Moville doorstep, that I am truly overwhelmed, very much humbled and ever-grateful. I am genuinely appreciative of it all and your love and caring has taken root in my heart and in my head. That being said, I am unable to respond to everyone individually, so this is my ‘Letter to You’, my simple way of acknowledgement and sincere thanks.

Her message finishes with an important instruction to every person to cherish what they have:

Please hug and kiss your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. I was so lucky to have been loved by John, Tomás and Amelia. I am deeply proud and privileged to have been a mother and wife. It is their love that will keep me going in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

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