This week, Thoroughly Modern Mammy Maria Rushe looks at the importance of looking forward to the days when this crisis is over.

“Mammy, when this is all over…”, Mammy will need to have won the lotto.

I hear this line at least 5 times a day, from both of the girls.

And I find myself agreeing to pretty much everything that follows this phrase…

So far, I have agreed to:

  • Sleepovers with their cousins
  • A trip to Aberdeen
  • Dinner in Backstage EVERY night
  • A trip to Harry Potter World,
  • A trip to go see Santa in Euro Disney
  • A trip to Disneyworld Florida, where we will apparently swim with feckin dolphins
  • To have all of their cousins here for a sleepover
  • New clothes in Penneys like Arianna Grande
  • A visit to Uncle B in London
  • Playdates with EVERY BFF and general acquaintance in the world.

In fairness, they are also asking for things that are so heartbreakingly simple and genuine, that I find myself nodding in fervent approval when they say Mammy, when this is all over can we…

  • Go hug GannyGanda
  • Go play in GannyGanda’s back garden
  • Go to get icecream in the shop
  • Go in the car
  • Go out for pancakes
  • Go in to see Daddy’s gym
  • Go to dancing
  • Go to Glenveagh
  • Go to the beach
  • Go to school

And these I eagerly agree to because I can’t wait either.  Actually, they’ll have to get in line for some of them, because ‘Me first yeah?’.

I had a catch up with two mates last night.  And all of our kids have taken to using this line.  We wondered where they heard it…but we know where.  Well, obviously, they heard it from us, because let’s face it, we’re ALL using this line.

We’re all dreaming of the things that we once perhaps took for granted.

We’re all dreaming of doing the things that we are not able to do currently.

We’re all dreaming of the places we’ve wanted to or love to visit.

We’re all dreaming of seeing the people we are missing.

And it’s perfectly normal to miss and to plan and to dream.

Yes, we are all finding our grooves in this “New Normal”.  I’ve used that phrase many times. And yet, now, while I am indeed living in my new normal, I know that it is thankfully, NOT going to be normal forever.

This new normal is temporary and we must all remember that.  We must all accept it for what it is, for now, and look forward to when we can start to move on.

Because, thankfully, nothing lasts forever and everything changes eventually. 

So, when this is all over, and it WILL be all over, we will all have things that we can’t wait to do and places to which we can’t wait to go…

We’ll have energy and determination to get or do things that we’ve perhaps procrastinated about or put off until now.

And the things that we CAN arrange and afford and aspire to, (mostly the hugs and playdates), will be done with joy and enthusiasm. 

And while, short of a lotto win, there’s not a hope that I’ll follow through with the full list of things that I’m agreeing to right now, I will continue to let my kids enjoy the momentary dreaming that they get when they start a sentence with “Mammy, when this is all over…” because we all need to look forward and dream of when it is.