Leah Elner has all the inspiration we need to incorporate colour this Spring.

For many of us it’s not uncommon to have a wardrobe that is a combination of black, whites and neutrals. This has never been more apparent with the latter seasons catering for the minimalists among us.

While no one can deny the chicness that derives from a camel coat, have we not become tiresome of the two-toned people we have become, is beige fatigue having a moment?

From the trails left behind after the A/W season with millennial pink taking a hit, neon having a moment and Pantone enlisting blue as the colour for 2020, colour is now something to embrace.

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul “

Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian painter and art theorist

If you’re striving to add colour, start your search for basic colours (you don’t have to go straight to outlandish patterns or throw together every colour you see).

Adding a pastel jumper around the neck or a having a deep red suit ready in your wardrobe will not only satisfy your appetite for varying hues but offer a sense of effortlessness that will help you feel confident about wearing colour.

Get inspired on how to incorporate colour into your daily wardrobe:


A colourful suit is a trusty way to look put together, chic and confident in something other than monochrome. Whether it’s for the office or a social occasion, a suit is a wondrous way to add colour to your wardrobe without the fear of looking sartorially confused.

Choose a hue that compliments your skin tone. If in doubt, the executive director of Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman enlisted blush, eggplant, red and teal to be ubiquitously flattering. 


A muted marigold yellow coat (easy to style with jeans and a t-shirt) will bring sunny shades following the monotony of deep hues.   


Tapered box trousers are the experimental piece of colour. Sporting a colourful trouser can be easily toned down with your white crisp shirt. Add a jumper for warmth and texture.


A basic jeans and T can quickly gain colour applause by a jumper insouciantly thrown over the shoulders. 


One of the most effortless and pleasing ways to add interest and colour to an outfit. Hold off until the warmer months, throw on a floral or bright flowing kimono and you’ll be a midsummer nymph. 


Don’t underestimate the power of a head piece. Play with a cerise flower, a bohemian bandanna or a turban headband. 


Colourful footwear (vastly underrated) adds a sense of softness and fun. Look to Sienna Miller, her choice of mules will have you jazzing up your outfit with fur trimmed mustard loafers. (Pair your shoes with your accessories to look extra sharp)

Go Tonal

When experimenting with colour, tonal dressing (wearing one colour head to toe) is your safest bet. While initially this can trigger major apprehension for those monotonous dressers, it’s the most assured way to look put together and gloriously chic. Look to Meghan Markle and Blake Lively who are tonal devotees.