A new season of beauty approaches, and Kerrykeel MUA Lynda Strain has your guide to getting ahead of the trends.

Every year, every decade makeup looks evolve.  We take inspiration from the leading fashion houses, top makeup brands and makeup artists and recreate these looks. So now a certain colour, product or style has been created and is in vogue.

 We want to leave the darkness of wintertime and open up to the fresh new colours and add vigour and vitality back into our clothing and makeup. 

1 – Pastel and White Eyeliner

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Pastel power is very much in this spring. We are seeing a revival of both pastel shadow and liner from the 90’s.  It’s all about being bold and bright this spring.

We are seeing white eyeliner trending on all of the major catwalks this season. White eyeliner will open eyes creating width and giving the appearance of white crystal eyes. It can be worn in the water line also.

2 – Colourful Mascara

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I am not a fan of coloured mascara.  If you are not afraid to adorn your lashes with green, blue, yellow or purple mascara then this look could be for you.  It most certainly will draw attention to the eye area and make your lashes stand out.

3 – Neon Eyeshadow

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These colours will be intense, bold, striking and delicate all at the same time.

How, you are wondering? 

It’s all about blending the colours together creating a soft yet effective smudge shadow no harsh lines.

I would recommend keeping lips natural with this look, allowing your eyes to say it all.

4 – Rosy Cheeks

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Contour and highlight are fading out and are being replaced by the fresh natural look of a rose based blusher. This will create warmth and brighten up your complexion.

5 – Polished Brows

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We have seen all kinds of eyebrows over the years and a new decade has arrived so out with the old and in with the new. We all want defined brows but I have to say I have disliked the overdrawn brows that have been the focus of makeup over the last number of years.

Thankfully we are now seeing a more natural polished brow. It’s all about the grooming of your brows and keeping them in place. Fluffy brows have made a come back in 2019 which are nice but I am loving the tamed and framed brow of 2020.

Brow lamination and Henna Brows combined are two wonderful salon treatments that can help create these wonderful polished brows. 

6 – Glitterlids

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Glitter in all forms will add more glamour to any eye-makeup look. I am the glitter queen, I love sparkle and always add a little to my own makeup look.  I love glitter liner worn above a black liquid liner, which I have mentioned in a previous blog but my favourite look has to be a smokey lid covered in glitter.

Try Gold, bronze or copper shadow with glitter followed by a black kohl liner applied top and bottom of the eye and also apply into your water line and close eyes tightly this will create a soft smudge effect.

Follow with lashes or if you are brave enough try a coloured mascara.

7 – Lip Stain

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As much as bold bright lips are still in, natural stained lips are making a comeback. I don’t think they will replace lip colour but will work better for certain looks this Spring and Summer.  Apply a lip balm over lip stain to keep lips natural looking and moisturised.  

8 – Pops of Blue

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The 80’s are moving in for a comeback.  Though we are seeing a revival of bright colours we are not seeing a revival of bright colours splashed anywhere and unblended.

I was an 80’s child and liked to experiment with my Mums blue eyeliner which she wore all of the time, I can only imagine what I must have looked like. Blue and turquoise eyes were also big hit 20 years ago also.

I remember having my sister and her friends for their formal makeup and the brighter the colour the better. This is what I mean when I talk about the evolution of makeup every few decades trends that were outdated are now back in vogue.

9 – Dewy Glass Skin

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Sheer dew like skin who wouldn’t love it.  Heavy foundation is being replaced with light foundation or concealer mixed with a highlighter to illuminate skin. 

This look is amazing on a Spring/Summer bride and has been a hit on the runways over the last number of years.

Your complexion will look much brighter, healthier and radiant. This look can also be created using a loose mineral foundation. 

Which trend will you be trying out this spring?

Got a question for Lynda? International makeup artist and educator Lynda Strain has a new salon in Kerrykeel, Co. Donegal. With her own expansive product line and over 20 years experience in makeup artistry, Lynda loves nothing more than to help people look and feel their best. Send her a message on the social media links below for bookings or for any advice which she will answer in this column.