A charity cookbook by Donegal Rapeseed Oil has raised €6,000 for three charities with local links.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Good and New Cancer Bus and Shalom Conflict Center will all benefit from €2,000 donations from the proceeds of the ‘Cooking with Donegal Rapeseed Oil’ book. 

The cookbook, launched in 2017, shows how versatile Donegal Rapeseed Oil can be, and contains recipes of starters, mains, desserts, light bites and dips/marinades.

Rhonda Laird from Donegal Rapeseed Oil says “We are absolutely honoured to be able to help these three fantastic, deserving charities. We would like to thank every person who contributed to the book and also everybody who bought a copy. It is a great feeling knowing that the monies raised will go towards helping those who deserve it.”

Donegal Rapeseed Oil cheque presentation to the Donegal branch of the Alzheimer Society: Alastair McKinney – The Alzheimer Society (Donegal Branch) and Rhonda Laird – Donegal Rapeseed Oil

The Alzheimer Society:

With three or four new cases of Alzheimer’s or related dementias being diagnosed each week in County Donegal, the work of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland is needed more than ever.

In the 25 years since the foundation of the Donegal branch, they have helped hundreds of families to cope with the condition.

About 180 families are currently being helped out of the 2200 families affected by the illness in the county, a number that will rise to 5000 families by 2035.

Donegal Rapeseed Oil cheque presentation to the Donegal-Galway Cancer Bus. Austin Duignan – Donegal Rapeseed Oil, Eamon McDevitt – Good & New and Rhonda Laird – Donegal Rapeseed Oil

Donegal Rapeseed Oil cheque presentation to the Donegal-Galway Cancer Bus: Eamon McDevitt – Good & New Cancer Bus and Rhonda Laird – Donegal Rapeseed Oil

The Good and New Cancer Bus:

For cancer patients in the North West, treatment involves a very long road trip. The Good and New Cancer Bus, established by Eamon McDevitt, provides a free bus service for Donegal patients requiring radiation treatment at University Hospital, Galway.

“In the long, lonely journey of cancer, having a service like this up and running helps ease the burden for these people and takes another worry off their shoulders at a vulnerable time”.

Donegal Rapeseed Oil cheque presentation to the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution. Rhonda Laird and Austin Duignan – Donegal Rapeseed Oil and Linda & Betty – Shalom Conflict Center

Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution:

Shalom was founded in 2009 by Fr. Patrick Devine, SMA, a social entrepreneur and missionary priest with 25 years of experience helping to mitigate conflict and poverty in Africa.

Fr. Devine is a life- long friend of Austin, the Managing Director of Donegal Rapeseed Oil. He serves as the organization’s executive director, leading an international team of conflict resolution experts from various religious backgrounds and disciplines who are based in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

The organisation supports communities in conflict environments to rebuild relationships that have been fractured, deliver quality conflict management training to local communities and leaders, conduct peace education in primary and secondary schools and with local leaders and influential opinion shapers, promote the construction and development of interethnic schools, medical centres and water projects.

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