Hair accessories are the new big trend and they are spicing up the fashion.

ASOS DESIGN headband with knot front in satin and pink. €11.06/

Glamorous tortoiseshell XL drama hair clip

The latest buzz in fashion has recently been around hair accessories, whether it is hairbands or hair clips, they all help style your outfit. 

When we think on hairbands we think back to when we were younger when we would stick on any old hairband that suited what we wore the best.

It is much different now though as the craze with hairbands has gotten much bigger in the last few months. It can be a simple hairband in any colour with a top knot that instantly adds to your outfit and makes it look that little bit more stylish.

Penneys have followed the trend, like they always do, with all different ranges of hairbands whether they are black, pink, white, polka dots basically just anything that can be added to the hairband to make it look that bit more out there.

Having these accessories come back into fashion is one trend that everyone seems to enjoy as putting something as easy as a hairband on your head to style up your outfit is something that everyone can do.

Another craze that has also come back is hair clips. Hair clips were all the go back in the 90s in which women would stick a couple of clips near the parting of their hair to make their hair more appealing as well as their outfit. That idea has come back into fashion but with more of a twist. The hair clips have become a bit more extravagant as they could range from being covered in pearls, in diamonds or even spell out a word.

Irish journalist and fashion influencer Laura Whitmore has been spotted wearing some hair clips that are different yet totally revamp her outfit and give off a more chic vibe.


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Another brand that has been blowing up with the hairband craze is also Sass and Halo.

This is a brand that is based in Co. Derry and has become very popular. They specialise in bridal, festival, fashion and children’s headwear. They recently made a hairpiece for Irish beauty blogger Aideen Kate for when she went to Coachella. It was an amazing piece that suited the festival vibe very well.


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Sequin Cinderella Boutique in Buncrana, Co. Donegal also has a great range of hairbands and hair clips that range from being casual to quite formal and are all at a reasonable price. 

These hair accessories are all the go now coming into summer and the trend will keep going as the craze gets bigger and it is sure a more edgy and fun trend to follow and to dress up any outfit when going out.