The TV and music star has given one mini-company a wonderful endorsement.

Majella O’Donnell has shown why there are 50 reasons to think about positive mental health.

The broadcaster and mental health advocate was so impressed by a new book created by six Royal and Prior students that she ordered not one, but 50 copies.

Majella O’Donnell taking delivery of her order of 50 books from the “Take One Day At A Time” mini comapny from the Royal and Prior Comprehensive School Raphoe.

The book, titled “Take One Day At A Time”, is packed with inspiration to promote a positive mindset and well being.

The product was developed by a team of Raphoe students who added many quotes alongside beautiful photographs taken throughout Donegal. It also has a section for personal notes and reflection on your day.

The students proudly presented a large delivery of 50 copies to Majella O’Donnell recently, who will no doubt be sharing the kind messages within the books.

Take One Day At A Time

Majella O’Donnell often speaks openly about her own experiences with depression and its daily challenges. She founded the Donegal Mind Wellness charity in 2014 with the simple aim of encouraging people all over Donegal to learn more about looking after their mental health.

The charity gave rise to a series of Stress Control programmes run by passionate volunteers available all over Donegal.

The “Take One Day At A Time” book is one small step that helps people reflect on each day and on their own mental health. To find out more about the mini company check out