What are the odds of this happening?

A Donegal twin has been selected to appear on Winning Streak on RTE One this weekend – ten years after her identical sister appeared on the show!

Rosie and Maggie Collum from Falcarragh are about to embark on a Twinning Streak due to this incredible coincidence.

Pic (l-r) is Rosie and Maggie Collum from Falcarragh, Donegal

Rosie Collum appeared on the popular TV Game Show in 2009 and won €37,000.

The sisters were blown away last weekend when the name of Rosie’s identical twin, Maggie, was pulled out of the Winning Streak drum a decade later to appear on Saturday’s show on 26th January!

However, Maggie has decided to shun the limelight and has asked Rosie to appear on her behalf on the show this weekend – making it a double appearance for her in ten years.

Rosie Collum on Winning Streak in 29th August 2009

The double act has captured the imagination of locals in Falcarragh and the sisters have been treated like celebrities this week.

According to Rosie a simple trip to the shops, which normally takes a half hour, is taking three! She is thankful and appreciative of all the attention and congratulations messages from her neighbours in the community.

In fact, a huge gang of friends will gather at their local pub, the Corner Bar in Falcarragh will gather to watch the show on Saturday evening.

When Rosie appeared on the show a decade ago she had just bought a house and used her winnings to furnish it.

Rosie was sitting in the same house with her twin Maggie and their mum, Annie, watching Winning Streak last Saturday when, to their shock, they heard Maggie’s name get pulled out of the drum!

The three, who are all proud Gaeilgeoirs, made a lot of noise in celebration and excitement and pretty quickly Maggie decided that she would shun the limelight and let her sister play in her place – after all, she has done this before.

Tune in to RTE One at 8.20pm to see Winning Streak this Saturday.

Good luck Maggie and Rosie!