Interior Designer Anne Tuohy shares 10 tips to transform every room in the house into a chill out zone.

Anne Tuohy –

How does your home make you feel as you walk through the door?

Is it calm and happy, or is it in chaos due to your frantic lifestyle?

With a little effort, in 2019, you can transform your home into an oasis of calm that supports and nurtures you from the stresses of everyday life , becoming a place of refuge that you really want to relax and chill out in.

It’s not so hard – let me show you how to do it, using my own home and life experiences as an example.

We live a busy life, with three sons and two dogs, yet somehow, we manage to have a calm home.

One – Ditch the Clutter

Clutter creates tension and chaos, whether it is an untidy room, a cupboard or drawer ready to burst open, or a desk strewn with paper. It weighs you down mentally and physically and you will never achieve a calm home without dealing with it.

Make a plan, carry it out room by room, be ruthless and get rid of everything that you do not love or use. January is simply the best time of year to do this. You will quickly tame this beast and be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

Two – Colour

I have studied Colour Psychology and the subject fascinates me. Little in your home will have more impact on you than your colour choices. Colour has the capacity to change your mood and your energy, even your appetite, so learn how different colours can affect you personally before you paint your walls. Remember too, that each room is a single entity that makes up your whole home, so be sure to create a harmonious flow from room to room.This is a simple “showhouse” trick that instantly creates a sense of peace and harmony.

If you unsure how to do this,and a bit nervous with colour, you could come to my January Interior design Masterclass, which will give you lots of practical inspiration, plus you get a complimentary 45 minute consultation with me to get you kick started in style. All the details are here, and there is a half price January Special Offer:

Three – Treat all Rooms the Same

Do not just declutter your public rooms.

Every individual space, from your cupboards, to your bathrooms and utility room needs to get the same treatment. It can be very easy just to move a pile of junk from one room to another in the name of organisation. Don’t just close the door and put it off for one more day. This is a task left undone which will bother your subconscious, and steal your energy. By simply cleaning and organizing the space you will instantly create harmony and karma.

Four – Create a Signature Scent

This is something that I started to do a few years ago, and it brings a lovely sense of comfort to our home.

Memories are tied up in familiar scents, and I just love coming home and smelling Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir, which instantly says “welcome home” to us. I burn the same fragrance throughout the house, and although I aim for subtlety not an overpowering effect, you are always aware of the underlying gorgeous smell. Whenever I am away from home, I bring a travel sized candle with me. It helps me to relax and unwind.

So, pick whatever signature scent you prefer, and try it out in your home. The secret lies in having the one scent throughout your home. It will definitely contribute to a pleasing familiar sense of contentment. Your family will love you for it.

Five – Let in the light

Open up your curtains and blinds every day, and let the sunshine stream into your room. Have your windows cleaned regularly and also open your windows daily, to clear that stagnant centrally heated air.

Remember to take nice deep breaths!

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Six – No Technology in the Bedroom

Your bedroom should only be used for relaxation and romance. That means no television, no laptop, no social media!

Aim for a serene uncluttered space with crisp cotton bed linen, the best mattress that you can afford, fresh flowers, a scented candle and a good book.

Seven – Bring Nature In

Pull your curtains back as far as possible to bring your garden into the room. Use fresh flowers and plants to energize your space. Plants also help to cleanse and re – oxygenate stagnant air.

The beauty of nature creates an inherent sense of calm and well-being, and we can incorporate these elements into our interior design. Natural stone, water features, rattan and wood sculptures all invoke the peace and beauty of nature.

Eight – Positive Inspiration

Surround yourself only with things that make you happy and which remind you of happy times. Family photos, holiday photos and anything at all that makes you feel happy and reminds you of good times.

Nine – Ditch Negative Association

You may not realise this, but your memories and life experiences are hanging from your walls and physically present in your furniture.

If you have experienced a period in your life where you were unhappy or under stress, then some items in your home will subconsciously remind you of these difficult times, and these negative reminders can drain you.

Be mindful of anything in your home that has a negative association, and get rid of it. In life, we should only surround ourselves with those who uplift us, in our home we should do the same, and let go of the memories and things that bring us down. This is one surefire way to ensure a calm and happy home.

Ten – Create an Action Plan

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with the business of our lives. Take a little time to think about what you want your home and life to reflect, and take small steps every day to create a calm and peaceful home. Progress slowly, room by room and you will reach your goal of an ordered, calm and happy home.

And if you feel like you could do with some help to get you started, do come along to my January Masterclass. Tickets are now half price, and there are still some available. It is such a fun day out, and believe me, your home will thank you for it. Plus, you get my back up afterwards, so you can’t go wrong in 2019.

This week, don’t be an imitator, be an innovator.

With my help, you will create your own look!

Stay fabulous,
Anne xx