The makers of loveable Irish teddy Darcy the Dingo share 10 tips to get children to help out and have fun before Santa comes.

Darcy the Dingo is a fun interactive friend who wants to help encourage and teach children in a fun new way!

Not only that, he wants to be able to work with parents and family members to connect with the special little ones in their lives.

So whether you are a parent or a family member who is at home or abroad, Darcy is there to help you!

On the website and social media, Darcy loves to share what he is getting up to and over the festive season he has been sharing some daily tips of things to do on #DarcysAdventFun.

With just days to go before Santa arrives, here are some of Darcy’s top tips to encourage your little ones to help around and have some fun!

Share this list with your children this weekend to help them be extra good before Christmas Eve: 

  1. Ask your family if there are jobs they would like you to do around the house
  2. Clear out any old toys you may no longer need & give them to charity
  3. Always remember your manners
  4. Help encourage your friends at school
  5. It is a busy time so let’s help make someone laugh today!
  6. Write a note or draw a picture to say thank you to someone you love
  7. Help to tidy up after mealtimes
  8. Tidy your bedroom and don’t forget under your bed too!
  9. Write a nice note or draw a picture for Santa and the Elves to say thank you
  10. Make sure you are in bed on time every night, especially Christmas Eve

Darcy the Dingo is the creation of Eimear Kelly, a mum and entrepreneur from Kildare.

Darcy the Dingo is a fun, interactive and educational friend for children whose parents can
select from a variety of personalised online subscriptions.

The child then gets to follow Darcy’s adventures through letters and postcards while Darcy recognises their achievements and encourages them to try new things – like eating their greens!

Check out to see how to get these unique personalised gifts.

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